30th Annual Muldoon’s Saloon and maybe the last, unless

For the 30th year (not in a row as they skipped last year), Tom Muldoon, formerly president, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PCVB) and David Marshall, chairman, formerly owner of The Rittenhouse Hotel, hosted Muldoon’s Saloon to benefit Project H.O.M.E. The event, which was held last Friday March 20, drew local celebrities and nearly a hundred people from the hospitality community together to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, feature Irish dancers and Irish food, and raise money for a great cause.
Tom Muldoon raises a glass in honor of a job well done, raising much needed money for Project Home, plus provided a nice outlet for the folks of Philly’s hospitality organizations.’s Adam Schmidt, Annie Jirapatnakul, PCVB, Natalia Gamarra, PCVB, Marissa Taffer, PCVB and James Zeleniak, Punch Media. James represents Square 1682, which recently had me in for a taste of their spring menu. Square 1682’s Executive Chef Guillermo Tellez recently lost about 50lbs and that has translated into a more healthier, brighter menu. Results? Delicious. My favorites are the lamb short ribs, cod fritters, grilled banging sausages and well just about everything I tried, oh also the humus. The outdoor tables are set up now for you to dine al fresco too.
Laura Cusumano and Rich Johnson
Kim Hallman, Devine + Powers, Rebecca Mackey, Lucy MacNichol, Devine + Powers
It was a Friday during Lent, but there were still delicious corned beef sandwiches, plus grilled cheese ones too.
Alexa Sterbinsky, Brian Sims, and Lindsay Christian. Brian is challenging Babette Josephs (D-Phila) for her seat in the HD-182 district. Babette has refused to debate Brian, which is always suspicious I think, and really shows a lack of respect for the process. Brian says he wants to tell the district, and the City on why he can do a better job. Why doesn’t Babette want the City to know how she’s going to do a better job. Why Babette, just curious.
James Cuorato is the new president and CEO of the Independence Visitor Center and Laura Burkhardt, The Lab – Marketing Business
Susan Spalding and Julie Riedlinger
Radhi Kakarta and Naveen P. Kakarla Named Vice President with Hersha Hospitality Management, the new owners of The Rittenhouse Hotel
David Benton, David Marshall and Sister Mary Scullion. Marshall tells me that he is busier than ever since selling the jewel of the City, the Rittenhouse Hotel. No time for vacations or resting. He’s doing a lot of charity, he still sits on several boards, is chairman of Fox Chase, and he has his company Amerimar Realty Company.Katerina and David Smith. (I saw his ID he really is David Smith. I have a friend named David Smith too.)
Mickey Rowley, Top of the Tower and Dee Kaplan
Bruce and Michelle Shannon, looking tan, fit and happy, at least they will in a few weeks as they settle into their new beach house. They’ll also discover a few new relatives and friends who will need weekend stays, probably me. (I went home after this event and tried to convince Mike how we needed a beach house, but to no avail. He just isn’t a beach person, bummer.) with Tom Muldoon.
Mayor Michael Nutter stops by to greet David Marshall, with Rittenhouse Hotel’s David Benton looking on. In years gone by Mayor Nutter would be a celebrity bartender. Things were definitely different this year. The whole event was put together by word of mouth starting with Bonnie Grant. Last year there wasn’t an event as Tom Muldoon had retired the year earlier, but beings this was three decade long gathering, thankfully she breathed life back into it. It wasn’t as packed as in years gone by, but give it time I bet it could get legs again, and it is for a good cause after all.
6ABC’s Monica Malpass and Laura Burkhardt. The three of us headed out for dinner after the event, over to Seafood Unlimited. While waiting outside for a table, the place was packed, we ran into 6ABC’s co-anchor Brian Taff and Mara Webb. They were headed to Dandelion’s for dinner and to celebrate Brian’s birthday on St Patrick’s Day. They were meeting up with his 4 o’clock co-anchor Alicia Vitarelli.