IT’S A WRAP: DO NO HARM Films Epic Scene at Independence Memorial Hospital Last Night

For the past month or so I’ve been chasing down the actors from the TV movie “Do No Harm” here in Philly. Sure I knew which hotel they were staying at, but I really wanted to get shots on the set. They’ve been shooting mostly interior shots, which made me think the setting of the show was in NYC. The TV pilot is about a brilliant neurosurgeon who has to battle his own alter-ego so that he can live a normal life, so whether I caught up with the set in Rittenhouse, or on Market Street, there were always scrubs around.
Yesterday Phylicia “Mrs Huxtable” Rashad and Steven Pasquale filmed several scenes at One South Broad Street in the offices of Electronic Ink, an international business system design consultancy, which also has cool, contemporary offices which yesterday doubled as Rashad’s and Pasquale’s doctor offices. Finally I caught up with them filming on North Broad Street last night.
and I’m happy to report that the movie is based in Philadelphia, yeah. Philly on the big screen. That’s actor Steven Pasquale getting in the cab. Right before he climb in he says to no one in particular “I’m tired of this place and want out of her.” You might recognize his handsome face from FX’s “Rescue Me” which he co-starred in for 6 seasons, ending in 2011. He’s originally from our neck of the woods, Hershey, Pa and Graduated from Bishop McDevitt High School, in Harrisburg, PA. Another guy I ran into from our neck of the woods, but not in the movie
Jackass’ Chris Raab has a few movies in the works, but last night I found him working as a PA on the set of “Do No Harm”. Who else would have better knowledge than Raab Himself who better than a member of the Camp Kill Yourself Crew (referred to as The CKY Crew) as part of the group of friends or relatives centered around Bam Margera, many of whom are from or located in and around West Chester, Pennsylvania. Some members of the crew are skateboarders, while others are involved either on-camera or behind-the scenes in Margera’s various projects such as the CKY Videos, Jackass, Viva La Bam, Haggard: The Movie, Bam’s Unholy Union and Radio Bam.and another Philly peep Ashley”PhillyFilmGirl” Sindaco in brown jacket.But Ashley wants you to know she didn’t tip me off, and she didn’t. When I was over at One South Broad, earlier in the day, I saw a crew member look at the Set List for the day. And I just photographed it and enlarged it to read it. That’s how I knew.

Shooting at night is difficult, especially since I didn’t have my super dooper awesome camera as I had just shot a black tie gala earlier in the evening, and well I have a favorite camera for that. Anyway, about are the two stand ins for Alana de la Garza and Steven Pasquale who will be filming a scene where they are crossing the street and fighting at the same time.Steven Pasquale and Alana de la Garza , did I mention that the Pennsylvania Convention Center was now going to be Independence Memorial Hospital, well just for last night. It’s amazing how much direction goes into crossing the street. The actors were very in tune with what director Michael Mayer had to say.
Steven and Deena do their own stunts, as this car really comes close to hitting them. I was shocked at how close. Alana de la Garza was on CSI: Miami and Law & Order. Between scenes the two actors were cute and laughing between scenes.Here it is from another angle. The TV movie wraps up filming today and then is set to be carried by NBC as long as advertisers want to invest in it, which will be decided in a few weeks in NYC when the networks showcase their new shows for the fall at the “Upfronts.” The Upfronts are where advertisers check out the networks shows for the next TV season, and then decide which shows they are going to invest in. This happens the 3rd week of May. I’ve always thought of running tours up to NYC to see celebs, this is a great time since they are everywhere, as the networks bring in the star power to convince the advertisers. Who wants to go?You can catch the last scene filming in the Rittenhouse Square area today. Hopefully it’s outside and I’ll get a shot of Mrs Huxable. Nonetheless, Colin Farrell, as I mentioned yesterday, is on board for his film is about to film in April. It’s set in NYC, but don’t despair, they’re filming it here so they’ll be lots of sightings, I hope. Also watch me on Fox 29 Good Day on Monday where I plan to chat about a few of the scenes from this movie, I have video, and upcoming movie news I just heard about.