PHILLY STREET SCENES – Friday 3/23/12 Sunny 80F Rittenhouse Square

As you know I’ve always loved street photography, but when I get to hang out with the master Big Rube Harley ( and Philly Daily News Fashion Street Photographer), it’s really inspirational, as well as fun to pick out stylish peeps and compare notes. Of course I just say that person looks good, and Big Rube can go into great detail about what they’re wearing.we hung out on Big Rube’s favorite corner right in the heart of Rittenhouse
This is so inspired by Big Rube. I was excited to show him. It’s fun to get together and chat up photography and our brand specialty, the people of Philly.
Did you hear David Lynch was at London Grill last week, and went to Pafa for a tour.

No one brands like Gary Barbera Chryslerland in Philadelphia. This hot number drove around the square for the entire 90 minutes we shot on this corner. (Gary I accept advertisements and I get more readers a day than saw your car driving around the square)
This gal looks pissed but all I wanted was a shot
of his faux hawk. how long has this hair style been in now? At least 5 years. Guess it’s not going anywhere
As it gets warmer out, you’ll find me around town looking for interesting peeps to photograph. I particularly used to love shooting South Street, as I checked out the used CD stores, or Old City, where there are lots of little park hideaways where I could observe tourist. I love photographing tourist, they’re so much fun. I like chatting with them too.
I like how the pattern on her shoes matches her dress. The peeps that go to work dress much more colorful than the ones that go to galas.
On the phone turning the corner in rush hour in a convertible. How much is that ticket? Only I get pulled over for things like that. (I think when your top is off there’s no expectation of privacy?)
ivy and thorns
she’s ready for her close up
a barking romance
there’s always something fun to see at the square
high fashion friday
hair raising
mushroom tattoos

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