Nicki Minaj brings her own kinda crazy into Philly & My Pink Review

Nicki was a little surprised I tweeted she got a police escort yesterday and wanted to know who I was. Read on girlfriend. (BTW I didn’t tell you she was staying at the Four Seasons getting prettyfied during the day. I know what to tweet and not to.)

True but who r u? > RT : left power 99 with a police escort, shld be arriving any moment

It songs like this that is going to bring Nicki Minaj to the next level. This CD keeps her rap fans happy, as does her fantasy Barbi world, but the pop songs will take her the Katy Perry route to fame and not the Lil Kim route of obscurity.  I tweeted that this CD is better than Madonna’s and it is, I like it the first time I heard it not the 3 days it took me to appreciate #MDNA. Doesn’t mean that Madge isn’t the queen, it just means Nicki Minaj is going to be played in the dance clubs more this summer.

 Nathan Morrissey and Juliana Rodriguez were first in line. They picked
up their wrist bands the day before and then returned Wednesday morning
at 5AM to wait in line.

 TI Spmmoer. Shelvy Paredes and Caroline Ogden. Shelvy tells me that Nicki Minaj got her through some rough patches and loves her much for it.

 Mckenzie Belton and Kylie Belton. So nice their mom chaperoned them the whole night, and didn’t even get a CD signed for herself.

 Keiko El, Anyee Blount, Dreneisha Hector, Shvone Hill, Jon Carson and Naj oh I didn’t get her last name cause the crowd started cheering and I thought I was missing something.

She has a devoted fan base

 For some reason celebrities like to increase my Klout score by starting Twitter fights with me. Then there followers send me the nicest messages. Thanks I’m at 65 now.

I’ve never seen a turn out for a CD signing in Philly like this

fashion ruled the day whether is was good

about Nicki love

 Nicki signed her chest, she doesn’t plan on getting a tattoo but thought it was cool

Fierce Fashion

Everyone I talked to was goo gah in love with Nicki more. She told them she loved them and they were beautiful. They held on to those words like a bouquet of flowers.

The kids were decked out for Nicki like that did for Madonna 30 years earlier

Daniel Boon Coon Skin Hats seem to be in vogue again.I saw more than 1 guy with the animal on his head. Aren’t they hot?

 the FYE manager happy triumphant with the awesome turnout

 This scene played out over and over. Fans overcome with joy cause Nicki touched their hands and
told them they were beautiful

 The line was 800 people long.  They had people qued in 4 long lines on three different streets.

 golden touch

 Nicki signed a lot of things for fans, but she would not sign these prints that a guy was giving away to the people waiting in line

 This guy was rushing to the tattoo store to get Nicki’s graph tattooed on his wrist.

 Happy Birthday Kelly Mulholland, with friends Kayla Winsor and Lauren
Walegg. The girls all go to Penn State, but came down at 2AM to wait in
line for Nicki Minaj. Sadly FYE/Minaj cut the line off after the
originally agreed upon 500 people. That left a whole lotta people sad, but Nicki apologized via twitter saying that they should never have given out “Maybe Bracelets”

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