“Bam Magera and Friends” Arts Show – Opening Night

Fans Dana Socha and Caitlin Beasley

At the top of these stairs, 4 stories up, is the James Oliver Gallery which held the first professional exhibit of art by Bam Magera called appropriately “Bam Magera and Friends”

Bam and the Friends Justin Muir, Red_Hawk, Phil Margera (dad), April Margera (mom), Bam Magera, Nikki B and Ryan Gee

Nikki B and a few of her hot shots taken in a Las Vegas hotel room with Bam. She used a remote to trigger the shots.

I could feel the passion in the paintings that Bam created. He painted his pain onto the canvas after experiencing a few difficult years, including the death of his good friend Ryan Dunn.  Many of the paintings depict women in various states of undress, others are painted on maps with the words of places he visited, Madrid, Lisbon and London. Others had great titles like “Dead Lovers Lane”, “Paris Kills” (which is about the city not the person,) “And She Never Returned” and my favorite “I Need Time To Stay Useless.”

Many of the paintings were done while Bam traveled the world.  Then they had to be shipped back to West Chester, Pa to be stored.  His mother April shared with me a few stories about the complexities of that, especially when there was a language barrier.

But the stories I enjoyed were the ones about how Bam didn’t always put enough sheets down to protect the hotel room from paint splatter.  Many hours were spent trying to remove the oil based paint, although there are several hotel phones that could be called Bam Margera masterpieces.

James Oliver and Uri Pierre Noel, Executive Director James Oliver Gallery

Olievier and Alex

Sometimes the paintings would have painful quotes like “If the Phone
Doesn’t Ring, That’s Me Calling,” the reason he would give his mom for
not calling on her birthday or holidays. She did say he would call a day
later and express his well wishes.

“Hot Air Buffoon” and “New Orleans is a Dying Whore”
 This one is about Bam’s friend

Vanessa, Marilyn and Nina – Fans, loved Bam’s big heart.

Danielle DeBello and Jessica Matermoros
Taker and Ingrid Brown

Pop artist James Eucles and Amanda Frain

Nadia Kunz and Lilliana Didovic – Her “Philadelphia Tales, The Art of Lilliana S. Didovic” just published in January

Urban Dictionary: The Heartagram defining the balance between good and evil, and life and death. A mixture of the pentagram and heart.
Logo for the Finnish rock band, HIM. Also used by Bam Margera to show his love for the band.

Red Hawk and his girlfriend who is also the subject of the photo he took

Bori Mischeift and Abbey Remington
Cam Huffman, Marion Smoot and Dempsey

Many of Bam’s art work sold. I have a feeling he priced it very reasonable for his family, friends and fans.  Some paintings sold for as little as $200, many just a little above this price, and a few at $2,000