Last night a few hundred of Ryan Dorsey’s besties attended a 3 Nerd Birthday Party for him, with proceeds from the door going to the Hamels Foundation.


DJ’s keeping it real last night.
and of course

I love all the clubs I write about, but Recess is special cause either everyone knows each other, or by the end of the night you will. It’s a friendly club, great bartenders, doorman and staff.
Scott and Drew from Del Frisco’s Steak House

Brett, Justin and friends
One of the DJ’s was genius in how he kept threading “Can We Get Much Higher” in and out of the music for an hour.

Checkered shirts and bow ties were in honor of The Three Nerds and clever branding by them

Kristyn Aldrich and Adrienne A Diaz – Earlier in the night Kristyn and I headed out for what’s turned into our Thursday night date night, to Sampan. Great new menu items, included an unbelievable dessert S’Mores, which is served as a tart. Marshmellow, chocolate, peanut butter with a chocolate crust. i don’t love chocolate, believe it or not, but it was outta of this world. You have to go try it. Created by Karla Torres.

Thanks for all your support. I was feeling the love last night at Recess

so many people last night knew me from
Philly Mag – The Post and 

watching me on
Fox 29 Phila Good Day Show
thank you for all the kind words and support.  I need to go out more. I hadn’t been to Recess since last December. It’s a late night club, but so much fun.

I love these rules. Always interesting.

Dennis and Dana so much fun

Another successful party by GN Kang, Director of Operations for the Hamels Foundation . It’s really amazing as she was a radio DJ on Wired 96.5 for 8 years and has really flourished in her role at The Hamels Foundation. Created charitable events that result in changing & improving a child’s life. Kudo’s girlfriend. xoxo

Phillies Marketing Peeps: Michael Harris and Kevin Gregg

Madonna’s MDNA CD is a failure because it’s silly & childish/ Seems like she missed the days of “Who’s That Girl”. This is a little ditty that sums up most of the CD, but it’s affectious in it’s lyrics.

As is the norm for Recess after Midnight the place really stared rolling
Haynie Ahn and Alison Moore

Happy Birthday Ryan Dorsey. (it’s my dad’s bday too, he never quite had a party like this, but we’re Irish so it was fun.)

“I can now retire from politics after having had Happy Birthday sung to me in such a sweet, wholesome way,” – JFK

Happy Birthday Mr Presidentttttt (what the heck is happening behind you on the left?)