PhillyCC Celebrity Corner: Colin Farrell Update, SNL Alumni, Jade Starling Sings and Taylor Momsen Grows Up

Taylor Momsen performing with The Pretty Reckless in Philadelphia at TLA. (April 12, 2012)

How about those boots!  Wow girl!
(Thanks to my friend for this shot.)

 A few Saturday Night Live alumni came out to entertain the crowd at The 2012 Red Heart Variety Show to benefit the Variety Club of Philadelphia held at Vie last Friday, including comedian Joe Piscopo. Joe told the crowd he loves visiting

Philadelphia, then asked what’s his favorite columnist Stu Bykoyski doing, probably married to another 21 year old girl.

Crazy Victoria Jackson,
but I couldn’t wait to meet her even though her political and social
views are skewed. You’d think she was the biggest fag hag and not the
biggest Santorum supporter.

Cheri Oteri as Barbara Walters and Fran Naselli, Vice President at NovaCare. 

A Lady of The Eighties…

Singer Jade Starling (Pretty Poison) kicked off the monthly 80’s Dance
Party at Club Adesso (1519 Walnut St.), which will be held every 2nd
Friday night. I am a complete 80s fanatic and well Jade Starling defined
the latter years of the decade with her two big hits “Catch Me I’m
Falling” and “Night Time”, plus she was from the Philly area so I knew a
friend who knew a friend who knew her so I felt like I knew her too.
“Catch Me I’m Falling” landed at number 1 on the charts in September
1987 and remained in the top 40 for 14 weeks. A few year’s ago VH1 said
it was #47 in “VH1 Top 100 Best Songs of the 80’s” I asked Jade what
that meant to her. “We were completely blown away that Catch Me, I’m
Falling was in the list. The recognition we recieved helped us make our
mark on pop culture.”

“The inspiration for Catch Me was the magic you feel when your first
falling in love with someone, getting to know each other and how new and
exciting it felt…It seemed to touch the hearts of millions of
people.As a Co-songwriter along with Whey Cooler of Pretty Poison, its a
dream come true when people respond to your music in a positive way. We
are very blessed!!” Jade Starling has a new CD coming out in July, but
you can pick up her new song, “Dance Revolution” on Google play right

 Last Wednesday, Colin Farrell filmed a scene from his new movie shooting here in Philly called “Dead Man Down”. It was a flash back shot with his “family” and was shot on a small HD camera to give it that sepia look. They were in the park for about an hour. A lot of people were able to see him and the camera crew was fairly cool with the shots being taken.  Just don’t get in their way, and DONT USE FLASH. 

Remember last week in my column in Philly Mag, Dear Mr Hotel Doorman, I mentioned that I shot Colin leaving a building on Market St but my shots weren’t great 1) because of rain cloud, and 2) because I didn’t want to draw attention to him by doing the paparazzi pose for all the “rush hour” peeps to see. Colin and his trainer/bodyguard saw us and it was a fine shoot. IE: No Drama Here.  This past week Colin has been in Mexico promoting his upcoming film “Total Recall”, but over the weekend he did something special.  I’ll tell you what it was on Fox 29’s Good Day Philly next week.