DOG DAY AFTERNOON – Sigourney Weaver about town

 I’m sorry I can’t add a lot of commentary today. I was so slammed last week I am still trying to catch up. This morning I’m on Fox 29 Good Day Philly at 9:30AM so I want to get a good night’s sleep, or as good as you can at 230am

A lot of these shots are just doggy treats

 Doesn’t mind laying where

Washington Square. As a matter of fact I took these the last time I was on Good Day Philly. Probably not going to sit on a bench there today.

Just because he can I guess
A passion for fashion

Just because

I was shooting the flag, then he popped into my photo

Heavy Burden (I could never do that, I’d always fall flat on my face)

I’m always a fan of these shots you see in the paper right around finals

NBC Universal had a pop up virtual garden near 19th and Chestnut Streets. PHS help with the actual garden and the manure was smelling fresh. Admission to the garden was to sacrifice something to make the Earth greener, like walk to the grocery store, turn off unused lights etc (It was only for one night, and it was spectacular.)

Puppy Carrier

Pretty in Pink

Is it necessary for you to be on the sidewalk?

Rittenhouse Square
Fashion forward

The first step is HELLO!

 I could use one of these today!!

 Colin Farrell and his bodyguard walking down an alley
See what Sigourney Weaver did on her first Saturday here in Philly. Where’d she go, and to eat? Watch me on Good Day Philadelphia today at 9:30AM for the scoop