Newly Shorn Colin Farrell and Claudine Farrell Plus “Dead Man Down” Film Schedule Change

WHAT’S FILMIMG ON WALNUT STREET 16TH AND 17TH YOU ASK and who am I going to see? Colin Farrell, Noomi Repace, Domenic Cooper and Terrence Howard. Here’s the story on last week’s shooting.

I’m calling this weeks shooting:  Colinlapozza- If you can’t make it I will keep you up to date here, and on twitter @IPhillyChitChat

DMD Productions, LLC is scheduled to film scenes for the upcoming feature film “Dead Man Down” on Walnut Street, between 16th Street and 17th Street, on the following days between 6am and 9PM:
–          Wednesday May 2, 2012
–          Thursday May 3, 2012
–          Friday May 4, 2012
–          Monday May 7, 2012

“Dead Man Down” is an action film that will be directed by Niels Arden Oplev (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”).  It
will star Colin Farrell (“Miami Vice”, “Crazy Heart”, “Alexander”),
Terrence Howard (“Hustle and Flow”, “Iron Man”), and Noomi Rapace (“The
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”). 

As you know Dead Man Down is filming in Philadelphia for the next two months. This week was the start of the real filming, in real time, of the movie. Last week, SPOILER ALERT, was shot in a sepia tone to reflect a home movie with his “family” a la Law Abiding Citizen. If you saw the movie (that was also filmed here in Philadelphia), then you know what I’m talking about.  This weeks filming kicked off at the SS United States. It was only there for one day. Then they filmed in Northern Liberties and Fishtown. Yesterday afternoon they filmed at 17th and Locust Streets. One of the background actors had a Sigourney Weaver sighting on Locust Street. (Celeb Sighting: Actor Ciaran Hinds dined at Serafina last nite with a lady friend. He
stars w/Sigourney Weaver in USA Network’s Political Animals.)
 Last nights shoot was inside of the Land Title Building on Broad Street
(left). They lit up the surrounding buildings for the background. 
There was a light shining from the top of the Ritz Carlton Hotel onto the Land Title Building. I arrived about 10PM and stayed til 530AM waiting for the outdoor scene that was scheduled to be shot. The background “picture cars” arrived about 1AM, and it was originally scheduled for a 3AM shoot, but problems arose.
It was cold. I was cold. Here the food craft is wheeling in some Irish Stew for the actors including Terrence Howard. It was his first night on the set. (OK Quick story, I think I only told it on Fox 29 and didn’t write it out. Colin Farrell went to the Sporting Club with his bodyguard, not training as I first thought, anyway girl behind check in desk said I will look that up for you Mr Firth. At which Colin replied, yea if I were a foot taller and had some class. I’m Colin Farrell. So funny. I like him)
Some people were in a different spirit

by the way, the freaks do come out at night
I waited 6 hours, and all I got was an ok picture of Colin Farrell. I completely forgot to change my batteries after shoot the Fairmount Conservancy event, and the other shots were dark. wah wahh. But I have a couple fun stories I’m gonna share with you next week on Fox 29 Philly that I think you’ll like.  Oh BTW they never filmed the outside scene I was tweeting about. Seems the film schedule had gone past their 12 hrs of continuous work and for union sake they have to pack it in. So at 530AM we all called it a night. (which was actually 13 hrs past start time.)  Colin Farrell and his sister Claudine Farrell
leave the set of ‘Dead Man Down’ in Philadelphia where filming has been taking place
Philadelphia, US. Note the script in her hand.  He’s a fast walker, even faster than she is. 

week they changed the film schedule. I know why. Colin Farrell is hot
hot hot now. He’s just completed the remake of “Total Recall” Well after
a few screeners the director realized that they needed to re-shoot a
few scenes.  So no filming on Monday or Tuesday now, but Dead Man Down
for the rest of the week it’s on the 1600 block of Walnut Street.