WHY YES THAT IS A GUN IN MY POCKET!! – Dead Man Down Fashion on the Set – Does Colin Farrell have PJ’s on?

Sorry If I haven’t gotten back to you, I am all over this movie filming in Center City, but will be working all weekend to get back to you. Thanks for your patience.

First a couple celeb sightings Armand Assante had dinner at Serafina the other night, the following night Sigourney Weaver stopped in.  Jen Creed will be singing live at Serafina on May 10.  Kevin Borlee from the Belgium running team had dinner at D’Angelo’s with the entire team. He’s ranked 3rd in the world in the 400m.  Colin Farrell continues to be a great guy at the Sporting Club. He’s been using the tanning bed, lifting weights, doing sit ups and chatting up anyone that approaches him. Investigative reporter John Stossel gave a talk on Wednesday at the Union League. No longer with ABC, he has a show on the Fox network these days.  I’ll be on Fox 29 Good Day Philly with Jen Frederick at 7:45AM on Monday.

 Today’s Fashion Friday and well there’s a lot of fashion that floats by me while we’re in between scenes.

 I call this so adorable!

Over the shoulder
A birds eye view looking down Walnut Street towards Colin Farrell

OMG I just passed actor Terrence Howard. Then Terrence just started walking with them, eventually getting a photo with each and everyone. He’s the kinda movie star you wish all of them would be.

Now this is Philly Street Style at it’s best!

I guess they still sell jeans with holes in them

Cute skirt
Colin Farrell near the Latham Hotel, poses with a fan. Is he in his PJ’s? (Check out on Monday for the stories.)
Extras in the scene. I heard they wanted folks who could dress like they were in NYC. Does it look different than Philly Style?

I’m not sure anyone in Philly would wear that tie with those sneakers.

WWE wrestler has hung up his belt for now and can be seen on the streets of Philly in Dead Man Down. Wade Barrett and Luis Da Silva Jr. In the background you can see peeps watching the scenes.
I just wanna be petted

Joan Shepp‘s got fashion


Mobbed up – Luis Da Silva Jr., Terrence Howard and Wade Barrett
Mary J. Blige is that you?

Why Yes That Is A Gun In My Pocket!!
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