Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard, Wade Barrett on Dead Man Down Set – That’s a Wrap on Walnut Street

Colin Farrell coming back from the gym. We were eating at Del Brunos and as we exited his SUV pulled up to the trailer. It was the right time right place shot.

We are the crowd, we’re c-comin’ out Got my flash on, it’s true Need that picture of you It so magical, we’d be so fantastical

 Colin Farrell posing with Sue Smith from Wilmington, DE.

The sign guy

Colin Chatting with a picture car guy (background car)

Colin’s sister Claudine Farrell, and his “trainer, bodyguard”
Luis Da Silva Jr.
Colin Farrell in the window looks on as his stunt man tests out the strength of the window

Hmm wondering if he’s afraid of heights. Maybe that’s why he was saying a prayer last week

Here goes
He wore the same outfit every day

The crowd waving to Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard talks to this mans wife to say hi
Colin greets a fan
A few extras including John Mitchell (center). You probably recognize John from HBO’s “Broadway Empire” as well as several other projects he’s been in.
I think the picture car drivers have a stressful job, especially when they have to reset, which means driving backwards avoiding the hundreds of fans who want to get where they’re going after a scene is shot.

Thanks to Philadelphia City Sports for allowing me to hang with the mannequins to get a few shots. 

Setting up a shot last Friday at 1616 Walnut, this is about 4PM and the crowd swells. I took this shot from

Salon Vanity by Edmondo Blando

This is definitely one of my favorite shots. Colin checking the playback for the scene where he shot the gun on the roof. They re-shot those scenes every day, as there were shooting it from every angle.

Everyday Terrence Howard posed with fans. Here’s my friend Marcy, we used to work together when I was a paralegal.
WWE wrestler Wade Barrett stretches out in front of Urban Enoteca at the Latham Hotel
Rolling, shoot out on Walnut Street. A few of the extra’s running
He might not go out of his way to greet his fans, but when they ask him he poses and he will chat with them.

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Terrence on the other hand will talk with your mother if you put her on the phone.

 I love this shot of Colin Farrell and his PA (production assistant, usually a local person that does crowd control and other functions on the set. Films made here in Philly put people to work.) I took this from Salon Vanity by Edmondo Blando at 17th and Walnut. Thanks to Sarah Casey at Maven Communications for making the connection.  How many girls want to be that young lady right now.

Thanks Jack Wills for allowing me to get this cool shot of Colin Farrell throwing stunt man Declan Mulvey out of 1616 Walnut Street
Colin Farrell in another scene hanging onto 1616 Walnut Street shooting a bad guy above him. For the next month the principle filming of the movie will be taking place inside a studio, but will emerge every once in a while to shoot a few scenes around Philly. I’ll keep you informed on my twitter account @iPhillyChitChat and here on PCC. MY FAVORITE SHOT IS OVER AT MY COLUMN IN PHILLYMAG HERE