Last Thursday I was in the Sumo Club (1224 Chestnut St) house for Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin 25 birthday party. Here are a few shots I took at the party. (a couple are out of focus cause it was a dark and I forgot my flashlight to find a focus point.)

I hit this party after I went to the Franklin Square, then wandered through the woods looking for Sigourney Weaver (Actor Sebastian Stan (who’s in town filming Political Animals with SW) had dinner with a lady friend Wed Nite. Now he’s dreamy. Where’s he staying?)

Hacina Saadi and friends

Line to the VIP bday area

I found DeSean Jackson up there. Thanks for the pix.

 Happy Birthday to you too
 Happy Graduation to you

 Nicole Rossi on the VIP list, the whole party was listed and they did keep the party crashers out

 JD, Teresa Nino (Happy Birthday Gal) and ESPN’s Tim Legler

 Wow, the friends wanted to go out for a theme night. Let’s just call it midway to Halloween. Welcome back Courtney Grant.

 Ryan Dorsey and friend

A boxer, Street Gazing’s Big Rube and Fresh Flickz. Here’s my Jeremy Maclin pix…on PhillyMag