I did a little horsing around this weekend. First up on Friday I went to the long awaited Barnes Foundation, don’t call it a museum, opening gala on the Parkway (WOW).  Saturday was my new, as in the past 3 years, tradition of attending The Radnor Hunt Races, this year was their 82nd. A fun event rain or shine, this year the sun shone the brightest and the grounds were packed with people, horses and a few pets. 

There’s no party crashing here, if you don’t have a ribbon on your
lapel, you will be denied entrance to the parties.  Each sponsor has a
party tent, then there are the tailgaters who line the racetrack.
Several dozen participate in a themed contest, this years was “The
Islands”. You can also opt to buy a box seat, or just sit in the
grandstand, but you must purchase a ribbon cause this is a fundraiser and Saturday’s event benefited the Brandywine Conservancy’s Racing for Open Space which helps preserve over 44,000 acres of open space in the region.
First, Middle and End stops for me is always the Philadelphia Style Magazine tent. Hands down they throw the best party at the races, with the best food (Chef Dan Stern at R2L) and have the best dressed people many of who I call my friends.  Congrats to Lauren O’Dorisio and John Colabelli on their upcoming nuptials on June 2 at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, you’ll recall they were got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2010. The honeymoon will be delayed as good friends Nigel Richards and Nicole Cashman will be married on June 9 at the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center. They were engaged during the 2011 holidays; Nigel hid a ring inside Nicole’s fortune cookie while the couple had take-out Chinese at home.

Lots of fun people were out to enjoy the day including Chris DiGeorge, Heather Lee and WMGK’s John DeBella.

Glam girls were all about including Kristen Foote, Lauren, Sabrina Tamburino Thorne, Carol Tamburino, Tempe Barrish and Jill Rizen.

John Bolaris, daughter  Reina Sofia and Erica Smitheman
Beth Beverly

PJ Cline, Chris Cline, Charlie Pasquale and Donna Coghlan
Two first timers to the Radnor Hunt, Mike Toub and Kristyn Aldrich
I also headed over to the Bellevue tent where I found my buds from The Sporting Club, Clif, Amy and Jake.
guest, Saunders and Sallie Dixon of Thorncroft. Their Lobsterfest is coming up and I’ll have the photos.
Lauren Jendrasiak (Thorncroft) and John Reedy

Mary Dougherty, Nicole Miller at the Bellevue, Donna O’Brien, Beautiful Bloooms, Arif Hashuri, GM Hyatt at The Bellevue. and Laurie Gold, Director of Catering/Convention Services at Hyatt at The Bellevue. Catering for today’s picnic was done by The Palm Restaurant.

Then is was back to Philly Style Magazine to see who might have shown up while I was away. Kate, who along with moi, is in the wedding party of Maria Papadakis and Brendan Kent.
Christie Honigman, of the Honigman Group, Dana Spain, get your tickets for


and Bill Firth, Esq, who recently joined the Zarwin Baum law firm.

Julie P and Grace Flanagan
Sharilyn Drewen Gilfillan and Juan Vidal. Sharilyn’s sister Suz and I went to college together, eons ago. Her other sister, Sherrie married my friend Bill from high school and met indirectly because of moi.

Dani and Caitlyn

Fanning the flame

Chris Toton, Rosemarie Kushnir and Rob Laiacona

Kevin Keenan and Claire Bula, Electronic Ink

Marilyn and Gary Lucov and Rebecca and Bill Mifflin enjoy their box seats overlooking the track.

Winner of best group picnic
Hughie and Judy Giles, Chairman of the Picnic

Dwayne Zimmer, Kelly McCauley, Michael Muscarella, Christyn Muscarella, Megan and David Russell at The Freedom Council of Valley Forge

Don Caldwell, Linda Aversa Caldwell, Bryan Richforth, Doc Parghi, Cheryl Williams at The Freedom Council of Valley Forge

Chef Brian Duffy and Fox 29’s Jen Frederick soaking in the sun enjoying the communal pineapple express

If your photo doesn’t appear on this page, I’ll be putting them all in a folder on Friday for you to purchase. Thanks HughE. PS Check out my Philly Mag column for the who’s who who went to the Barnes opening on Friday night. HERE