Erin Como Leaves NBC10 Folks For Nashville

As you know my friend Erin Como and her friend Danny Schuyler moved to Nashville, Tn. for Erin to take a job with Fox 17

Erin Como is in Washington DC Now.
We Interrupt this important message to tell you what happened to Erin Como. She moved to 
Nashville and loved covering traffic there for Fox 17 for three years. She now has a job in DC.
Check out Erin Como recently at a wedding of our friends June 2016
She wanted to move closer to her friends and family in Philly and took a job in Washington DC  for Fox 5 in August 2015





In front of all her friends including  Bill Henley (& wife Susan), reporters Jillian
Mille, Rosemary Connors, Aditi Roy,,
Brad Berner, NBC photographer, NBC10 executive producer, Alissa Ingram,
Tony Frick, former NBC10 reporter Justin Pizzi,, Lauren Richmond,
Frederick Calalang, Arielle Johnson and
Farina Chaparro, man about town James Boney,
Both Aditi Roy and Rosemary Connors (who btw is so sweet & interesting to talk to. Can you say anchor chair Diane Sawyer?), OK back to my story. Both ladies attended graduate school while employed by NBC, ie graduate school for Aditi, she just graduated last month, and for Rosemary she’s attending law school.
Sheena Parveen, NBC 10 Meteorologist


Sampan’s GM Michael Wirzberger and Erin. Michel sent out some champagne for us peeps, and Tony Frick bought another bottle. So nice.


Justin Pizzi, Susan Henley, Aditi Roy, Jillian Mele and Brad Berner
Brad Berner had a good time meeting new friends. He and Justin Pizzi won an Emmy for a show we did on NBC10 -Nonstop in 2009


Soon To Be Facebook Profile: Alissa Ingram, Jillian Mele, Moi, Sheena Parveen, and Erin Como at Opa Restaurant


Hacina Saadi and friend


I’m not sure how much I love my new camera. I probably should read the instructions, people keep coming out orange, that’s why this is B/W. Left to right. Sheena Parveen (Happy Birthday), NBC10 Sports John Clarke, Vasiliki Tsiouris (Happy Birthday), Opa Restaurant,  Marisa Magnatta , Erin, Brad Berner and Lauren Richmond


Erin Como, Fox 17, Nashville, Tn, Kristen Johanson, CBS 3 Assignment Editor and Leah Ratti. Then we headed to the G Lounge for a little late night fun.