I popped into Opa restaurant (1311 Sansom St., 215-545-0170) to steal co-owner Vasiliki Tsiouris away to the Washington Street Night Market (Snapshots from last nights #NightMkt here). I didn’t see her but I saw the back door open to the restaurant…   

I had heard inglings that a beer garden was going to pop up behind Opa restaurant on Samson St. but I had no idea it was so far along.

I found a party going on, well the end of a party with a few of the City
Council member staff. Nancy, Linda Norma, Irma, Cobra and Shunperb were
just winding their night down. From what I can see the place has a
gorgeous floor, a ping pong table, old skool boom box (holla) and is very spacious.
don’t want to spoil the surprise as you need to check out the soft
opening this weekend; the place kicks off officially on Monday and
will no doubt be a huge hit throughout the summer. Watch out SIPS
people, this is going to be the hot hangout. And yes food will be
served. It’s going to be a little different than the delicious Greek
food at Opa. Co-owner George Tsiouris tells
me it’s going to be world, street inspired. FUN CHILL FOOD (he’s so fun
chill, I can’t wait to see what he means.) PS maybe a gyro or other
special Greek food once in a while. Please, please include the hummus
and pita bread.
Random people sighting at Drury Beer Garden, photog Al B For and his gal friend Elise Kirsch. I love
love love love love this place for the 5 minutes I saw of it. Great
Much bigger and spacious than I every envisioned when he
mentioned it in passing a year ago, and then started to plan it