Over the weekend a reader asked me if country superstar Taylor Swift
was building / buying a house in Sea Isle NJ. I checked on twitter & in the blogospher and the news was everywhere, even in a Nashville TN news blog. So I had to check it out to see if it
could indeed she choose Sea Isle for a summer home.
Since I was going to Longport, NJ to visit the family (nephews Dillon & TJ, nieces Kelsey & Nicole) I thought I would head over to Sea Isle, check out the property and do a little probing.
 Think of a quiet beach
Think of how the waves crash down
Think about a summer’s eve
“Taylor Swift’s Beach” – There’s Atlantic City off in the distance & an airport.
These are the beach front houses in front of “Taylor Swift’s House”; they’re all condo’s. Would Taylor want to live near a whole bunch of random people?
“Taylor Swift’s House.” It’s across the street from the beach. She doesn’t have a direct view of the Atlantic Ocean or beach from the first floor.  The public path to the beach is across the street from where she lives. 
It’s on a busy corner. I was getting suspicious.

Does this tiny lap pool look like it deserves the likes of superstar Taylor Swift? No Jonas Brother pool parties are gonna happen here.
OMG a two car garage, and no direct view of the beach? Taylor is not singing “You belong to Me.”
“Taylor Swift’s House” is in the center of the photo. I walked around the neighborhood and asked about “Taylor Swift’s Beach House.” Neighbors who live across the street laughed when I mentioned it.
They’ve seen the streams of people come by photographing the house, bothering the construction workers with questions. No it’s not “Taylor Swift’s Beach House.” At least 3 different neighbors did tell me who’s house it was and it’s no one famous.
I think if Taylor Swift buys a house at the beach in NJ it might be in her childhood beach town of Stone Harbor, or if she wanted to in the town where her grandmother lives (Sea Isle), then she would at least get one with a view of the beach and privacy, like the ones on the north end in Strathmere. It would be impossible to gawk at her here.
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Her place has a view of the bay from the 2nd floor. And it’s 3 blocks from the beach and town too. (Shots of rooms)
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