Wednesday at about 5PM I tweeted to @JLo asking if she were in town after someone super nice sent me a tip that she was at Franklin Square Park with the kids. My tipster told me Jen, Casper, the nanny, all rode the carousel (while the security guard stood by and the driver stayed in the SUV parked in the bus zone.), the kids posed for photos with the flowers and the Memorial, and even had Square Burgers, Jennifer Lopez had a veggie burger.  When the tip came in I was a little surprised as I hadn’t even heard she was in town. Later that night, after I got back from watching “Funny Girl” at the Suzanne Roberts Theater, I read in Dan Gross’ column that sure enough she was in town and staying at the Ritz. So that’s where I headed the next day. I waited for about 2 hours before I got a tip that she was some where else shooting a commercial and doing print ads for her clothing line that’s sold at Kohl’s department store. Then I learned later she was on the Today Show and she had checked out at 7AM. Nonetheless it was fun to see the dancers from her concert tour pack up, including a wake board, which seemed odd at the time. I meant to take a pix of it but had just arrived when the board was being put on the bus.

I headed down to 101 Walnut Street (the 8th floor was J Lo’s make up room. Starr Restaurant Caterers provided the snacks for the shoot.). The shoot was on the penthouse floor  (check out the pool on the roof) and well I would have to wait til they left maybe for lunch as it was nearing 1PM.

It turned out that they had already gone out to lunch and returned about 1:30PM to the shoot. The security guards told us to stand on one side or the other of the car. I thought oh maybe she’s going to roll down the window and sign for Team Derek. That was not the case. They pulled right in then shut the gate. I remembered that the wall to the loading dock was low about half way around the building so I ran to try and get a shot of them.
It wasn’t the best shot, but it was a shot none the less. Sometimes after waiting for so long, or anticipating for a glimpse I just want to get a shot, a picture is more proof then just saying it happened. It’s a record.  Then I left, I was satisfied with seeing J-Lo & Casper, plus I had the QFest opening and Amber Rose to shoot later that evening. I chatted about the J Lo sighting and Amber Rose event on Fox 29’s Good Day on Friday. Check it out. I’ll be back on the air next Friday at 9:50AM. This week look for Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Richard Dreyfuss and Liam Hemsworth to begin filming Paranoia here in Philly. Which I reported way back on May 8, 2012 
Up next a Spike Lee film with Denzel Washington.
Thank you very much to all my tipsters who helped me get this exclusive story.

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