Just a quick note,  I took these photos at about 4PM, shortly afterwards I tweeted “Party in the USA!!” I couldn’t release them  as my photo agency (you know my pixs go on lots of blogs, people mag & the glossies) gave me the tip about 1PM that they would be arriving at the PHL at 4PM ish. So not to compete with how they wanted to distribute my photos I needed to wait 6 hours. Normally I TIP away on my twitter @Iphillychitchat  What I won’t do is tell you what hotel any celebrity is staying at, or where they are living.  The duo has security when they go out in public, but I think it’s just disruptive to have a lot of fans hanging out on the small sidewalks of Philly. If I find out where they are filming, or walking around I will say so on @IPhillyChitChat  Here goes today’s story.

Back in May (5/8/12) I broke the story  in my column that we’d have a fun summer of celebrity sighting while you were reading your ipad on the beach or toiling away at work while the boss was on vacation. Well game on!! Two of the biggest stars are in town for the film Paranoia – Harrison Ford and Miley Cyrus.  Miley’s not in the film but her fiance Liam Hemsworth (he’s the lead) is and he’s pretty darn popular himself, and not bad to look at (also you’ll find Amanda Heard, Gary Oldman, Richard Dreyfuss) and I guess she’s gonna spend her summer vacation here in the City of Brotherly Love. I love that she’s here. I love that Pennsylvania has an awesome tax credit program and it puts out film makers, set designers, limo drivers and production assistants to work.

Miley and Liam have 5 dogs, but they brought Ziggy with them to Philly. Tuesday night they were spotted walking the pooch in Rittenhouse Square Park. 

Ladies first. Miley hops on the movable sidewalk. Then she changed her mind. Did you know

Liam Hemsworth And Lucas Till will be in the film “Paranoia” together, in 2009 Lucas starred alongside Miley Cyrus in “Hannah Montana: The Movie,”

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Miley and Liam for allowing us to get shots. As you see the bodyguard is hanging back and the greeter is way in front. This continued all the way to the car. It’s a good thing there’s no video tape of this shooting because at one point I greeted them then started telling them of different places they should visit in Philly. Dear Miley go to the Sporting Club, Colin Farrell & Bradley Cooper did and no one bothered them. Also if you need a massage try out Hand & Stone, they are very discreet. Plus I like Geno’s steak house, unless your a vegetarian then try Hop City Veg on 18th Street near Chestnut.  Liam pick up Miley some Chocolates at Teuschers. Need a limo try Secrets Limo, they don’t even tell me who they’re ferrying around.  

I’m pretty sure they were laughing at that, or it could have been a portly guy running backwards trying to get their photo. I held a few photos back for Fox 29’s coverage on Friday. But the duo was super sweet, I got what I wanted and I left them alone.

Lucas Till Talks about Paranoia at the 2012 Comic Con