Liam Hemsworth and Richard Dreyfuss 5th & Morris – Paranoia in South Philly

What’s filming in Center City (Philadelphia) you ask?: This past week Paranoia (Monday & Tuesday) has been filming at 5th & Morris in South Philly. Neither day had too many people at the film set, but the production has been somewhat brutal to the paparazzi, or as I like to explain it to you – the people who get the shots that YOU, America, look at every day on TMZ, Perez Hilton, Just Jared and all the fan sites. So no hating on the paparazzi until you stop your cosumption of those products.  Of course I am the friendly paparazzo and adhered to their request and observed the filming as a “fan”, just like youse cause all I really need is a story, the story, your story the neighborhoods story.

Monday night, was my birthday, and my friends and I took my birthday limo to the film set to see if Liam or Miley would get confused and jump inside. They had already left for the day, but they left behind some props.  As usual I want to say it’s awesome when Philly & it’s tax incentive can lure a production away from NYC and we get a little Hollywood in the City of Brotherly love; and no matter how the production treats the paparazzi, they are always super nice to the fans who come out to watch the production. Just remember no flash, and no talking after they yell “Rolling.”

Liam Hemsworth is getting ready for his close u. Josh holloway was on set today, but I didn’t get a photo. He was wearing a suit in the very hot sun and stayed in the shade a lot.

A movie star up close, even if they had no idea who he was, “it’s the tall good looking guy.”
They are filming in the house that is right next door to the corner deli. Check me out on Fox 29 on Thursday to get the details of who lives there and other fun dish.

Here are Liam Hemsworth’s and Richard Dreyfuss‘ stand ins for the shooting. They are sitting on the steps to Frank’s House.

Yes the Goodbye Girl guy is on the set, you know they guy from Jaws. Two guys were holding “Jaws” posters and Dreyfuss told the security guard to let them come over and he would sign their souvenirs. How cool is that?
Liam Hemsworth was pretty cool too posing with a few fans including Luz Gil 1990. On Saturday she scored a Miley Cyrus. Monday Cyrus was in NYC strutting herself in hot hot short shorts while shopping. Go check out those pixs. HAUTE!
I thought every one was breaking for dinner at 4PM, so Philly Film Gurl & I headed for “dinner” too. We were wrong, Liam was just going back to his trailer to change for another scene. When we got back to the set he was finishing up the last “take”
Can you believe I missed getting this $$$ “Money Shot!!” That means I didn’t send it to the wireservice I work for in NYC, the one that pays my bills so I can futz around all day trying to get you the scoop. But hey I know you’re gonna enjoy it. They only did one take while I was there, otherwise I would have pulled out my professional camera and tried to get a much better shot for the magazines. Oh well. I’ve been blessed with awesome shots before like last week at Capital Grille. Thanks for stopping by, and if you’re in Philly check out TESUCHERS CHOCOLATES or get your shop on At The Shops of Liberty Place at 16th & Chestnut Streets.

Starting tomorrow (7/25) through 7/30 filming for Paranoia will be at 9th &
Lombard Streets (I originally read they were prepping the site here.) It will be an inside shoot, not much fun. I took this yesterday, today the house is completely wrapped in plastic.  I would avoid driving in this area as there will be trucks on Lombard, South and 9th Streets.Check out Philly Film Gurl’s page for video of Tuesday’s shoot, & hear the pigeon’s sing.