I’m a Miley Cyrus Fangirl. Monday’s update & her dining pleasure

 I’ve turned into a Miley Cyrus fan girl and I know you (my regular readers), must be over this coverage. I never watched Hannah Montana before, or really heard any of her music, well except “Party in the USA”, what a great anthem, but I’m smitten with this kitten who has such a devoted fan following, like the Saved by the Bell fans, or the Sex and the City peeps who go to NYC to sit on Carrie’s steps. I’m surprised a news organization hasn’t done a story on these young ladies yet.

Morning everyone – Miley tweeted this photo to her fans. I guess she sleeps with all her jewelery on.

Miley headed to the set Monday, Ziggy walked besides her sans leash.  He didn’t stray too far from her as she strolled down the street with her Starbucks, and then entered Liam’s trailer. He was filming his last scene at the Lombard location, day 7 of 40, his ultra modern apartment building. Later she headed off with a friend as Liam went to work.

 Gabriella’s mom took off from work today, and waited 10 hrs near Liam’s trailer to meet him.(Note to fangirls, bring a camera with a flash if your phone doesn’t have a flash. Altho I can see Gabriella’s smile shine through. PS Photoshop may be able to lighten your shot. send me your picture I will do if for you like I did for the gal in the shot below.)

Liam was in his car, passed the gals, stopped got out and posed. What a guy!!

I’m so happy my mom waited with us for like 5 hours to see Liam