England’s Chelsea Soccer Team Exercises at City Hall

 This is one of those posts that I just didn’t have time to post, yet it’s a fantastic story.

 Last Wendesday, a few hours before the MLS All Star Game, the heavily favored football, er I mean soccer team England’s Chelsea, took a walk around the block then exercised in Philly City Hall’s courtyard.

 They also posed for photos with the fans that were waiting outside their hotel.

I don’t know who the players were, but I know the few fans that were in City Hall Courtyard couldn’t belive what they were seeing. A shot from here would have been my lead story last week, but then a few hours after I took these I got David Beckham outside the Palomar’s Square 1682

(I was out all night on the Paranoia film set, so I might just have this abbreviated entry today. Watch me on Fox 29 tomorrow (Friday) for exclusive stories from the night.)