EAGLES PARTY WITH A WIN & Joselio Hanson’s Birthday at Rumor

Loser, last night I was supposed to go to Joselio Hanson’s birthday party but I never woke up from my disco nap. What happened I used to be able to stay up all night just a few months ago. Can’t wait for the busy social season to kick in in September so I can get my mojo back. Lots of my friends went and they said it was off the charts awesome. I snatched some pixs from my friend Carmena Ayo-Davies who put the event together.

 Happy Birthday Joselio
With that new bride glow Kijafa Vick (OK actually she always glows.)

Michael Vick smiling wide with a win under his belt. DeSean Jackson, Jon and Julie Dorenbos. Looks like I missed a great party. baaah. Hopefully the Eagles will continue their weekly parties at G Lounge this winter. Happy Birthday, and Congrats!!