Miley Cyrus Lights Up – Crashes Car, goes on with life

Today the paparazzi got a shot of Miley in her brand new spanking rent a car.  Holy Cow Miley Smokes. Bad role model.

Earlier this week the young lady crashed her Enterprise  rent a car. Speculation is she hit a pillar inside the parking garage at her “hotel”.  This was the story that I was holding onto that I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, cause I didn’t want anyone to know what kind of car she was driving. But now she’s driving a different one. 

 Put down the cigarettes and learn to drive. Still I love your haircut & think your the sweet, and are great to your fans.

Also tune in tomorrow for the Miley Haircut Saga. Plus where is Miley gonna be on Friday? I’m gonna tell you where she might tomorrow.  She’s leaving town soon. Get those fan pixs. PS Next time Miley I suggest you call these guys.