Miley Cyrus’ Trek Through Philly on Tuesday – Party in the USA!

I was having so much fun at Starbucks on Tuesday shooting Paranoia that I passed on at least 3 Miley Cyrus’ tips, but thank you to my tipsters. Miley started her day early hitting Starbucks at 8AM, no doubt having one of those sleeps I get about 4 hours. Then she hit up the historic area, I have reports of her at Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, Then she went to the Betsy Ross House late afternoon and over to Elfreth’s Alley.  Carolyn Santamauro was whipping up some pastry and invited Miley and her 2 friends in. One of the friends I’ve read is Liam’s bud from Australia, so don’t read too much into it.  (Eater Philly has the story.)

Later I got reports that Miley was walking down 2nd Street, crossed over Market and

Then like a young hip chick, Miley headed for a little retail therapy on South Street, finally finding her way back to Philadelphia AIDS Thrift at 710 S.5th S. (I was one of the first volunteers when the store was founded by Peter Hiler, Tom Brennan and Christina Kallas in 1992, and helped them set it up behind Hiler’s shop – The Book Trader when it was located at 7th & South Streets.)

So fun. I volunteered every Sunday and Wednesday for 3 years, before I got burned out. But I have a lot of cool shoes that I picked up during that period.

Party in the USA, I’m gonna miss covering Miley & her fans in Philly. I kinda wish I had left Starbucks to see her one last time, but after chatting with her Saturday night I feel I broke the 4th wall and I really didn’t want to invade her personal space, especially since she thanked me for respecting it. In fact last night I had a chance to shoot Harrison Ford walking down Walnut St, but I walked across the street and just observed him for a few minutes before I headed to Le Castagne for dinner with friends.

A texting Liam “Miley where are you?”
This is one of the shots I got while Miley ran around town helping our economy and getting her history on. My Philly Mag column. 

Next week I’ll be on Fox 29’s Good Day with my wrap up of Paranoia & Miley. I have a couple fun stories I haven’t told, and will be doing a post on about it and well I did sell my story to one of the glossy magazines that will be coming out I think Friday. But I can’t comment on what it’s about, but it will answer some of the questions you ask me about.