Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth in confrontation with Philly Photographer – Not Me Though

Miley gets a new hair cut and it’s a race to see who gets the first shot. The Money Shot. (This is not me, but another professional photographer.) There are at least 4 of us in the city that shoot candid celebrity shots.

This was on Entertainment Tonight. Remember all those photos we saw of Miley with her new haircut but she’s covering her face, they were taken a few moments before this video was shot. Normally a photographer wouldn’t send in shots like this, and the shooter who took these photo agreed with me when I asked him, but since they were the “first” photos, he knew they would sell. And boy did they.  Is it his fault or is it the consuming public?  Should Liam be allowed to be aggressive and punch the photographer. Is a camera a weapon?

Does seeing the video change your mind on the shots, or are they two different things?  As for the photographer he does take some awesome shots, he does put in a lot of time for a market that demands and pays much more for these types of gotcha shots. He promotes Philly by getting his photographs published all over the world. There is a market for this. Should he be sued by celebrities for delivering photos that the public wants?

The kid in red is a fan boy from NYC, who traveled down to Philly 7 times to meet Miley, which he did 2xs. I was surprised & fascinated that even though Miley had tweeted out photos of herself with the new ‘do and posed for photos with fans, all of which were used in the magazines, that the shots from this night were scooped up by 100’s of blog sites, and magazines.