Hotel Palomar’s Square 1682 Renovating

The Kimpton’s Monaco Hotel is just about to make it’s debut. The property at 433 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA. will have several restaurants “The Stratus” and the “Red Owl” and

Hotel Palomar’s Square 1682 Executive Chef Guillermo Tellez will wear the chef’s whites at Red Owl as well as oversee the kitchen at Square 1682. At about the same time as the opening of the Monaco restaurants downtown Square 1682 will start to undergo a drastic renovation all the while the restaurant will remain open, so no employees will be effected.

Although the restaurant is a popular spot for lunch & dinner and has a very happy hour, there’s something missing, a steady stream of people, despite having rave reviews for the food, and a great PR team. It’s a shame especially since it’s has the one thing most hotel restaurants want, an exterior door.  I took a random poll of people over the past week or so since I was tipped off, to find out what people would like to see change at Square 1682.  #1 – Of the people who didn’t know what Square 1682 was, I asked them what cues would help them realize it was a restaurant. They said a sign that said restaurant. A menu on both windows and maybe awnings with the name in it over the windows. Several people didn’t like the facade. I hear they’re going to change it so that’s good.

 While the downstairs is being worked on, the upstairs dining area will be opened for business. Then when that is done, the opposite will happen. I loved the look of the downstairs, but when I asked people what they would like to see happen, everyone mentioned regular size furniture and real tables, especially for business meetings while eating lunch.

Everyone had a complaint about the bar. It’s too large, their fannies didn’t fit on the small stools and it should be set back from the doorway. I hear they’re not moving it, but I think they should think about it. Most people said that when it’s too clogged at the front, they don’t even want to bother to see if there’s a table on the other side in the seating area, I concur.

The upstairs is also going to be renovated. I always liked it, but I guess they want it to match the downstairs. OK a few people didn’t like the cushions on the chair as they slid off, and occassionally the air escaping would make an embarrassing noise. 

I hear it’s going to be very modern, with much lighter colors. I’m excited to see the results, and to see a restaurant that does well, do even more fabulous. I hope they move the bar back a tad away from the bar. Wouldn’t it be cute with a table or two in the front window near the door? The renovations begin in November.
** Special Event. The Annual Square 1682 Cheese Steak Contest is coming up again on October 14, 2012