Juliet Simms & Tony Vincent (& Andy Biersack) – Parx Casino Concert

After landing spots on the NBC hit singing competition “The Voice”, Juliet Simms and Tony Vincent make their Parx Casino debut last Friday, September 21st – Juliet Simms, who killed it in her blind audition doing the Beatles “Oh Darling“; which she later told me was performed after a 3 hour sleep because she had to wait up til 2AM the night before to hear if she was picked for the show, and eventually she ended up being the second
season runner-up, along with Broadway star and The Voice’s famed
contestant, Tony Vincent, took to the Parx Casino 360 stage for a live concert.

The show began at 8pm and attracted fans from around the region including NYC. DJ MARIA LAINA
did the hosting duties in her the beautiful and talented way she does things.

Tony Vincent sang his heart out. He reminds me of Rufus Wainwright with all the emotional and drama in his song choices.
 Juliet Simms reminds me of a kick ass rock star. She has amazing talent and stage presence.
Juliet Simms belted out one of her signature songs:  It’s a Man’s World

 After the performance there was a Q&A
session that will focused on their experience with The
Voice and they discussed their futures.Tony wants to move away from Broadway even though he found great success there with Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar and American Idiot in 2010

 The crowd was strong with lots of questions from their fans. Juliet Simms fans were out in droves.

 A meet and greet
continued with guests in the 360 nightclub until 10pm.
 Fans of all ages
 I love how Parx Casino provided the photos to be autographed, very helpful.

 So excited to meet her idol.

I really have a lot of respect for the people who appear on The Voice. They’ve been in the business for awhile and most are at a crux in their career on whether to go forward or find an office job. They have paid their dues and for what ever reason the door to stardom did not open. I think even getting airplay and not getting selected at the Blind Audition is a success for that artist.

 Check out this rocker fur. She reminds me of a fiesty Janis Joplin. Juliet later told me that that was an honored comparison, but she was going to make a mark on the world all her own.

Andy Biersack of the  Black Veil Brides nearby his lady love Juliet Simms as Tony Vincent signs for a fan

 Tony Vincent and Juliet Simms post together in front of the step and repeat at Parx Casino

 See my signature here?  Parx Casino sometimes auctions these off for charity. How much would you pay for this one?

  Andy Biersack, Juliet Simms and I sat down (with Parx marketing & advertising director Carrie Nork Minelli) after the meet and greet and had a bite to eat. I found the duo to be fascinating, Mensa intelligent, and not too bad on the eyes. Tell me she doesn’t look like a young Demi Moore here?

Juliet Simms and her boyfriend Andy Biersack of Black Veil Bride, who
she had met on the Vans Warped Tour, 2010. Unlike American Idol, The
Voice is for more seasoned performers, singers with a proven track
record (she had been touring for several years with her band Automatic Loveletter) but ones that just haven’t reached the next step yet. A
singer songwriter, she was sought out to audition for The Voice (and
encouraged to participate by Andy who had seen season one of “The Voice”
while laid up in bed from jumping off a balcony and breaking nearly
every rib on his left side, during a stage performance with his band),
which was a 3 month process before “the blind audition” in front of
judges Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green. 

The show has the contestants review nearly 200 songs. They then pick 75 favorites in the order of their appeal. As they get closer
to the “blind audition” everything happens in a frenetic pace; being moved from one hotel to another climbing the ladder closer to the “blind audition.” You see they might bring several hundred people to Hollywood to audition, then they wittle it down to 200, then 148 then during the blind audition it gets down to the 48 individuals that must compete each other for the title.  After killing it with “Oh Darling”, Cee Loo, Christina and Adam Levine turned around; She choose to work Cee Lo Green
and picked up your life and move to Hollywood to obtain the title of
“The Voice”. It was a life changing experience for her, but also
exhausting to the finale where she was fairly ill for
her last performance when she sang “Free Bird,” and when you see the video, triumphantly, and although she didn’t
win as the voice 2012, I would say 2013 looks to be a year of fantastic success for her,
talent and the love and support of Andy Biersack.  And then lots of off the record conversation was held, but stay tune…


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