What You Missed at Campus Philly Saturday – Drink This Be Sexier

Lots of swag for your the oversized Gift Bag Ikea would have given you…

Emmy Award Winning Maria Papadakis on stage MC’ing the musical acts. All this the day before Maria’s wedding shower, which is today. Check back on tomorrow for photos from the event. It’s a ladies tea party and me the honorary Man of Honor.

Duke and Winston in the house

Crowds were sparse as it was an iffy weather day, but all in all it turned out to be quite nice and warm.

Blue Hair

Ikea was selling pastries 2 packages for $5

Brendan Kent, cousin and friend. I didn’t have my note book. The gals go to Villanova.

The longest line at the event was the Neuro water line. I asked a few people what the big draw was and they said

The promotion says that Neuro will make you sexier, smarter, stronger, leaner etc and that was the big draw

†These statements have not be evaluated by the FDA (hmmm)