Makeovers are generally viewed as a way to help someone improve their look, a
recent survey found 75 percent of people feel that makeovers are really
about enhancing BOTH your inner spirit and your appearance.  Last Monday over 100 women’s lives were changed by Marc Voci’s “Style Me Hired”

Marc Voci, a hairdresser and creator of Style Me Hired with the supportive
Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds-Brown and Councilman Bill Greenlee at
the Omni Hotel in Center City. Style Me Hired is an event where 100
unemployed women receive a make over from over 20 volunteer salons, as
well as clothing from Career Wardrobe, and job training skills from
business volunteers all in an effort to help them get back into the
workforce. Reynolds-Brown and Greeley spoke with the women and gave them

Stacey Wright, Marc Voci and Kyasha Tyson,Greater Philadelphia Area – Producer, Board Operator — Assistant Director at 900 AM WURD & Prime Movers Media Clubs take the opening snip from Donna, who was one of the women chosen for the make over day

Shear Ingenuity – Owner Ramika Guillory (r) tells me the name came to her in a dream.  Ramika Guillory (c) and Season Whiting (r)

Each of the lucky “clients” was matched with one of the 25 participating
salons in the city and suburbs, including Rittenhouse’s SignaCurl By
Joseph Lentini, Salon A in Bryn Mawr, and Cambio Salon in Media. They
also will receive professional attire from Career Wardrobe, a nonprofit
partnering that outfits women who are transitioning into the
workforce, plus will be giving job interview prepping, and this year with EDSI a job fair was held at the end of the day where the participants could apply for several jobs that were available.

 Dentistry at Suburban Square: Michael I. Wollock DMD
They have this procedure called snap in teeth whitening system. I’m so getting this. 

They have this procedure called snap in teeth whitening system. I’m so getting this. I could never remember to do the whitening process ever night.

Jen Eberwein, Danielle George and Laura Gale of Crimson Hair Studio

 Sheri Cole is the Executive Director of Career Wardrobe with Susan
radio host of “Women to Watch” 1180 WFYL Radio participate in the
Style Me Hired day.

 Jackie Bera and Carol Ann Yarris

The Omni Hotel really goes above and beyond by donating the lobby, the restaurant, and the penthouse for use of Style Me Hired every year.

 “We are honored to be part of Style Me Hired again this year,” said Omni Hotel at Independence Park
General Manager AJ Williams III.
“It is an incredible joint effort between Marc and the Career Wardrobe
and we are amazed at the incredible work they do together. We are thrilled to be the host location for this
event for the second year.”

Tara and Tracy. Tara doesn’t usually wear a dress, but her stylists over at Studio 444 thought it would complete her new look. She whole heartedly agrees now.

Paige Jellison– she loves her new color, the whole experience makes her
want to hair stylist. Creating magic and making someone’s life better by
styling hair is very fulfilling. and Christine O’Brien – Has never won
anything, and is so overwhelmed by the whole experience.
Studio 444

 Tonya Lee-Phillips (center) after her make over by Bel A’mour Hair Salon – Philadelphia, PA
Eboney, Gina and Kia

This is an email that just came in from one of the Amazing Women from Monday’s Styled Me Hired Makeover Show! I am truly humbled and blessed!
Hi Marc, I just wanted to thank you personally for all of the hard work and dedication that you have poured into the style me hired makeover show. I was one of the lucky winners and was really impressed by all that was planned and organized for the show on Monday. I have only been out of work for one month, so I felt kind of guilty talking to so many woman who were out of work for sever…

al months to one year! I am even getting unemployment but do not like being unproductive. I want to work, as I get pride and confidence from performing a task to the best of my ability. I met a lot of wonderful people and received several good job leads from the job fair and I hope to be employed in the not too distant future. I know that you have put several hundred hours of planning into the show and I want you to know that I was very appreciative of this.
Thank you so much for caring about others!


A letter from a participant:
What a blessed day I had at the “Style Me Hired ” event held at the Omni on Monday. From beginning to end the experience was at times overwhelming ,filled with opportunity and fun. The atmosphere was charged, and people wonderfully delightful. What a blessing to be part of something so wonderful. I also was one of the ladies given a makeover and what I took away from that day was first, a new appr…

eciation of what goes into the organizing and pulling together all those involved, the long hours they worked. For an event this size it flowed well. Hats off to all those who gave so much to make the day happen for us. I also came away with helpful information on job searching. the” what to do and not do” when talking to a potential employer. Lastly I found myself feeling more confident, and better prepared to get out there and make connections. I pray that Marc, Anita and the others who gave so much of themselves to strangers, will have their own cup of blessing pressed down, shaken together and running over with abundance. Your gift touched my heart,adjusted my thinking and lifted my spirit. God Bless you as you have blessed so many others.

 Marc Voci and the ladies who participated in “Style Me Hired Makeover”
at the Omni Hotel. Check out Marc Voci’s Facebook page for more
information on the program as well as networking opportunities.