SCARY TIMES AT Eastern State Penitentiary – Plus Kick Off Party


Last weekend was the annual ESP | Eastern State Penitentiary   Terror Behind The Wall, family, supporters and media party. It’s one of my favorite let down your hair, photograph Cecily Tynan in a bat girl kinda party, (although Cecily didn’t make it this year she was under the weather.)

 I was thoroughly expecting the same OMG scary, but somewhat predictableness of the haunted prison as I had gone through the adventure 4 times last year during October cause I love watching others get scared. Well I was in for a surprise. There are new features this year, many more ghouls roaming about inside and it’s dark. No more tiny flashlights to guide you through this year.  Every-time I got successfully scared, I gave the ghoul a little clap, get your minds out of the gutter, for a job well done. I pride myself on predicting the scares (ie I’m anal that way.) I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back.

 The party is always so much fun and held inside the walls in an area visitors rarely see with creatures that roam the concrete tunnels like this guy with Mark Segal and Mike Toub

 Mr Philadelphia – Al Lee

I think the real scary part of this entry was how I forgot to make the watermark smaller and white

Michael and Ellen Feist. Ellen is the marketing manager for the Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site in Center City

Keep the Bath Salts away from the Waderman Zombie Clan: Cindy Wanerman, Board Chair of ESP, with daughter Stacey Wanermanwith husband Larry Wanerman

Dan Reinherz and Hadas Kuznits

Stacey Wanerman, Alex Rose, Sonny Bhatia, Ciara McCay, Kenan Moriarty, Cristina Raimundo and Jamal Hart

Q102’s Maxwell, George Hobbs, Katie Spotts, Kimmy and Amanda King
Irene Lewis and Claire Brown Kohler

Lauren Messinger, NBC10 News Anchor Keith Jones and Sara Messinger. Keith and Lauren met in elementary school, and had their very first kiss in high school, but it doesn’t count as it was on stage in their school’s annual play.

They remained friends, visiting each other at their respective colleges, chatting about others they dated and life issues. Thankfully they didn’t have to wait til mid-life like Harry & Sally and heard the bells before too long.

Kyle Roller, Matt Nadu and Alec Wanerman

Jason Duran, Brett Copel, hot talented juggler, Casey Anderson, and friend

Andrew Morgan and Brett Bertolino – My 1 year anniversary of photographing them

Joan Rivera, guest, Jeff Liebreich, and Cari Feiler Bender. Cari wants you to know that it’s Mural Arts Month and Historic Philadelphia, Inc. kicks off the 2012 fall season, Monday, September 24, with a toast to go down in history. Raise a pewter mug to some autumnal cheer with the Once Upon A Nation Tippler’s Tour: Ghosts & Toasts seasonal Colonial pub crawl, Spooky Mini Golf and the second annual PumpkinFest family fundraiser at Franklin Square, and After Hours Candlelight Tours and an outdoor movie screening of Night of the Living Dead on Friday, October 5 for one night only at the Betsy Ross House.

6 ABC’s Ali Gorman and boyfriend Joltin’ Joey DeMalavez, of Joltin’ Jabs Fitness Center.

6ABC in the house …. Michael Brigon, with 6ABC Traffic Guy Matt Pellman, B101’s Andrea Duffy and Damien Clifton. They loved the exhibit this year too. Thought it was scary, and Damien’s ears are still ringing from Andrea’s screams.

Don’t forget to visit Eastern State’s Terror Behind the Wall. Go early in the month so you don’t have to wait in line. Also this weekend – WOW the line up for Philadelphia Columbus Day Parade Sunday. & Grand Marshall Frankie Valli with the Geator on October 7, 2012