RAW TALENT: Taragirl & June Divided – Girls Rock!!

RAW is an organization for artists, by artists, that showcases emerging talent in art, fashion, music, film, hair, makeup, photography and performing art across the U.S.

RAW: natural born artists is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists. Raw is held the first Thursday of every month in over 54 cities across the United States and Australia.

mission is to provide independent artists within the first 10 years of
their career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire
and cultivate creativity.

 Rob C

Ian Michael Crumm and Mariel Rojo looking dope

 We welcome all genres of art including
independent film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art,
hairstylists, makeup artists and more.

Neverland Glamour – Wendie Hetherington. Hostess Maria Papadakis enjoying the Zombies

 Lobo Mau – by designer Nicole Haddad

 The fashion director for Raw. He says it all with his eyes and hand gestures. I could watch him all night. You can see his fashion approval or disapproval on his face with each piece.

The crowd – diverse, attractive, fun, friendly. If you’re looking for something different I would recommended attending one of these events.

Go with friends or alone. Conversation is always happening cause art is happening.

  Lobo Mau – by designer Nicole Haddad (L)
 Emily Phlung and Darren. Emily commutes to NYC to work, everyday. Crazy. i remember those days and know how hard that is.
 TARAGIRL – Love Her. When is she going to be “discovered?”

Grayson Papa (c) or as I like to call him my old office mate. As paralegals our cubes were right next to each other. Fun times.

 Anthony Chad and Mel Slim
Anthony once invited me to his show at the James Oliver Gallery, and I declined. I love Chad’s talent, but the 5 floor walk up at JOG brings back nightmare memories of my 6 floor walk up when I lived in NYC and I just can’t revisited anything more than a 3 floor walk up or I have a demonic seizure.  I was much thinner then cause I never grocery shopped.

 A nice crowd always shows up, and on the RAW nights the lights are brought up to actually see your neighbors face

 Is that John Mayer?

 Andrea and Vincent DelMastro.  Andrea tells me she’s my number 1 fan, reading me from day 1. Then she told me which of my entries were her favorites. She and Vincent have been married for 2 years, but were dating for 15 years before that; they wanted to make sure.  They were out for the night as they had gone to Winthrope & Valentine at the Westin. Delicious, unique preparation of the steak. Next up Le Castagne & Budukan next week.  Vincent was one of the construction workers that worked on Hotel Monaco. He loves the finished project, telling me the hotel rooms really reflect America and the historic area of Philly. I can’t wait to see them at the dedication on Thursday.

 Artist Ann Desimon (r) and her mom Karen.

 WOW I was completely blown away by the performance of June Divided. They are on the fast track to mass appeal.

 Check out next months Raw: Artist at G Lounge November 1, 2012. Check out their webpage for more info here.