Barbra Streisand, Jason Gould & Andrew McCarthy In Philly Oh My!!

Papa can you hear me? Barbra Streisand waves to Jacob Porter as she leaves the Four Seasons Hotel Monday night around 6PM for her concert at the Wells Fargo Center.
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Jacob Porter for this shot he sent me on Monday. Babs was in town since October 3 rehearsing at  Temple’s Liacouras Center. On Friday she gave a special dress performance for 500 people. In the audience was Nichole Maurer from Philly Style Mag who told me the rehearsal began at 130 and ended about 530.  She said it was much fun to watch Barbra perform, while also tweaking the performance. Stopping sometimes in mid song when things didn’t go right, or if she missed a word.  Also in the audience was Carole Radziwill of Real Housewives of New
York City, former “Biggest Loser” host Caroline Rhea, who described
Streisand as “phenomenal,” and Pat Ciarocchi of CBS were some of the
invited guests.” (says Laura Goldman on her blog Naked Philadelphian

While in town Barbra barely left the Four Seasons hotel except to go rehearse. Surprisingly she didn’t stop by R2L this time to visit her favorite table, #94, the one I dubbed the Barbra Streisand table as she had dinner there last year while in town for the opening of The National Museum of American Jewish History. Opting instead to order room service and eating the foods she packed, in preparation for her upcoming tour.  She did sign for fans outside the Liacoura Center on Friday. She checked out of the hotel yesterday afternoon.

The GRAMMY® Award-winning Brooklyn Youth Chorus, who sang with Barbra toured the City on Friday. They stayed at the Sofitel Hotel for the weekend.

Where has Jason Gould been hiding. His voice is like butter.

 Last week I did catch up with another favorite of my childhood, Andrew McCarthy, who stopped by The Philadelphia Public Library on his book tour The Longest Way Home.” The
Geographical Society of Philadelphia presents WHYY’s Patrick Stoner, host of Flicks and Quick Pics, in conversation with McCarthy, dissecting his forthcoming
memoir The Longest
Way Home: One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down, in
which he relates how his travel experiences helped him become the man
he wanted to be.

 But first there was a meet and greet dinner for him at the Rose Tattoo with the
Geographical Society of Philadelphia members. Above Andrew McCarthy and Patrick Stoner. Andrew told me it was good to be back in Philly. He had spent the day wandering around Chinatown and unlike Babs just randomly chose the foods he was going to eat throwing caution to the wind that it wouldn’t cause ill during his tour. He said he’s been to Philly many times, and had already had a cheesesteak. His first one was during the months he filmed Mannequin with Kim Catrall in 1987.

 Kimberly and Erica were excited to meet Baine. I think I can see a little Molly Ringwold style on Erica.

 A Molly Ringwold lookalike Rachel, with fellow members Teresa and Janet.

 Nancy Arndt, Barbara Hoven and Caroline Cuthbert

 Since 1891, the Geographical Society has supported world exploration and
presented programs focused on travel, adventure, science and history.
You too can enjoy films, internationally themed events and illustrated
talks with professional filmmakers, photographers, authors, explorers,
scientists and scholars.

Andrew McCarthy and Chris Cordone. What I took away from his presentation at the library was that McCarthy’s book is about his travels around the world, where he could basically escape from his celebrity, and become normal.  He enjoys interacting with people where only directions or the beauty of the place or day matter, not his celebrity.  He still is in the business, directing and participating in theater and television.  He’s very Blaine, with his laissez faire attitude, trying to discover what is right for him, what is the world’s message, what is his direction.  I’m sure now more than ever as he’s about to turn 50 on November 29 of this year.

 Stephanie had Andrew sign three printed out photos. One for her, one for a friend and another for a friends 40th Birthday, which was signed “Love Blaine”. So fun!