The Sartorialist in Philly: Snapshots of his Fashionable Fans at The Barnes Foundation

Scott Schuman better known as The Sartorialist and girlfriend Garance Doré, came to Philly on Saturday first for a meet and greet with a few of Philly’s influencers at Cook on 20th Street. The event hosted by Emily Goulet, Philadelphia Magazine lifestyle editor included a delicious lunch with tea sandwiches (I’m a sucker for tea sandwiches) and then Scott participated in a Q&A with one of his subjects that traveled down from NYC. At the end of today’s PhillyChitChat I’ll give you a link as soon as my PhillyMag column goes live mid-morning so you can read more about the affair.

 After that event Scott Schuman and Garance Doré headed to The Barnes Foundation to have a meet and greet with nearly 300 of his Philadelphia area fans.

The City never looked so stylish, really.
It was a great place to people watch. BTW what a great idea to have the book signing at The Barnes Foundation. Plus I love the new sofas.
Scott Schuman and Garance Doréwith a few fans. That skirt is gorgeous, and that girl, what a body.

No doubt a few of the folks wanted Scott to drop his Sharpie & whip
out his camera; it wouldn’t have been a bad thing cause several
people were Sasha Fierce. (ie see Sasha Fierce in the background.)

The line was long, but thankfully folks brought along Scott’s new book The Sartorialist: Closer

 Ariane August
Garance Doré loves Ariane’s tattoo’s which include and owl on her shoulder, and on her chest an Allen Ginsberg saying “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”

Varun Bhandari, project Manager at Chandler Chicco Digital and Leah Kauffman, executive producer at sitting pretty
Style isn’t always about a label
style and  confidence go hand in hand

Example: Rakia Reynolds  has always followed the beat of a different drum, and now Philly benefitting as she brings lots of fashion into vogue in Philly. She has a fashion showroom, reps a lot of fashion designers, she’s helped bring Fashion Night Out to Philly, and now she was instrumental in getting The Sartorialist.  here. It’s such a joy to see her career blossom. She is one to watch.  Mother, wife and business women.

 Mariel Rojo and Ian Michael Crumm
Vintage Exxon service jacket, back when they checked your oil and did your windows. I know I pumped gas in NJ throughout high school and a bit of college, at Exxon.

I feel like the Philly Sartorialist.

Hmm, maybe I’ll be the Philly Raiment. I did buy the name Philly Street Chic a year or so back. What are your thoughts about that name for a once in awhile column. Then I was going to do Philly Fashion Friday’s, but it just didn’t come to fruition.

Tom Biggs came down from Connecticut to spend the weekend with his equally fashionable girlfriend Sarah Moses who attends Drexel.

Arthur (in white) came from Atlantic City on behalf of his girlfriend who had to work. He’s carrying a print that she recently bought from Scott Schuman’s collection.

 He had to wait nearly 2.5 hrs to get it signed.
Scott told me he wanted to spend a few minutes with each of his readers,
which was nice, but the line moved at a snails pace.

Sasha Fierce
 Lisa Daniels bought those babies online at  DB Shoes with Linda Loncosky

Check out my Philly Magazine Column today about 11AM for the deets on my lunch with The Sartorialist. I loved chatting with him, he’s very generous in his advice and the Q&A was very informative. I wore my typical black outfit so Scott didn’t whip out his camera on my behalf, he did sign my book though.