Padraic “Jake” Maroney Turns 30 and throws a kick ass party

Padraic “Jake” Maroney  celebrated his 30th birthday recently at a big shin dig held at the Vesper Boat House on Kelly Drive.
 Lots of his friends came out to help him celebrate the milestone despite the deluge

 David White and Jackie Lux didn’t want to miss the big day. I’m kinda curious how heavy

BFF’s Padraic and Megan
How awesome is this that Padraic had created for his birthday?

Hey sexy lady!  Did you hear who’s gonna be at the Q102 Jiggle Bell Ball in December?

Save the last dance for me
Kevin Maguire and Adam Basner
Mark Anderson and Jake are showing their dog tags that represent someone who they ran for in a marathon.
Tom Ciavarella and Kathryn Janofsky with Jake. A lot of the guests are friends from the running club Jake belongs to.
Will Hummel and Megan Roe

The new tradition, getting your birthday cake smashed in your face. Certainly memorable. Happy birthday Padraic “Jake” Maroney