A FEW Observations from Around Town and my life

Ugh I ran out of time today. I was working on my philly mag column and I have gym time at 11am. NOW that wouldn’t have been the case but I left in the middle of my work out with Steve Hoffman yesterday to chase a Chris Brown lead. It didn’t pan out. Then I had assignments and well ran out of time cause I had to sleep. So here are a few pixs from around town some are storied.
I love The Corners new signs. I LOVE that they seem to be doing well. CONGRATS to Chef John Taus and Tony Rim.
I wish I could match up these paragraphs with pixs but I’m posting this from my phone.
Check out Philly Magazine online about noon for my column on the Rolling Stones. It’s under The Philly Post section then under the Scene.
Thanks to Morris Gosial for the trip on the sailboat down the Cheseapeak last week.