HURRICANE SANDY – Scene in Atlantic City & Boardwalk that was destroyed & Longport – Photos

Update: You want to see this link with the links to the after Sandy storm. Longport, OC,  Stone Harbor, Atlantic City & NYC

Mike and I headed for Atlantic City Saturday so I could judge a Halloween Contest at The Social, which is a lounge night club at Revel Resorts. 

Thanks to my twitter follower who explained to me that the billboard companies prepare there signs for large storms. I saw stripped signs from the Walt Whitman bridge all the way into Atlantic City.

Revel Resorts. Great hotel, casino and nightlife under one roof. I’ll be writing up my stay this week.
After the contest it was onto Amada for dinner with Maria Papadakis and Kristyn Aldrich, Marisa Magnatta, Vasiliki Tsiouris, Susie Celek and Mike to
celebrate Maria’s upcoming wedding. The whole night was hysterical and
fun. We went to HQ night club (thanks to Cashman & Assoc & Jill for getting us in smoothly.

We were also celebrating Maria’s bacherlorette party), the place was packed even though Hurricane Sandy was knocking at our door. Then went to Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly. OMG we had a great time. The place is an adult sensory overload, lots of beautiful fun people and that’s just the professional dancers. Lots of people dancing, and even meeting each other. No pretense. I was surprised. Thanks to Alp & the crew for making our night special. Note the pumpkin onto of Revel.

 August 2012 – Atlantic City North End of Boardwalk  – View from 15th floor of Revel –  If you use these photos please say they were taken from Revel Resorts.  Thanks
Sunday – view from 48th floor

Dann Cuellar, 6ABC took this photo from the tall building on the left in the photo above this. The playground in the photo below is in the center of photo. The photo below that shows the brick building before it became part of the inlet.
North End of Atlantic City Boardwalk- Poor playground is going to be destroyed – This was taken 2hrs after high tide. The car closest to the boardwalk is swamped by water. I guess the person wanted to see the angry ocean and came back to see his car surrounded by water.

Sunday North End of the Atlantic City Boardwalk
October 6 – view from 36th floor looking South
Sunday – 3 hrs after high tide. – This is the view from the Revel Resorts elevator lobby on the 48th floor

Steel Pier. I hope it makes it through Hurricane Sandy.

The PA Warning System telling us to evacuate. After a minute I realize that it’s windy outside, and I pull the camera in the car.

I needed to go to Longport to prepare my sisters house for Hurricane Sandy.
  Longport – check out the mail box wrapped.
  Longport – sea foam. At high tide the ocean breached the sea wall and the Atlantic spilled into the street.
  Longport – I just thought it odd they placed wood at the bottom of door, and left the beautiful stain glass exposed
 Longport – Love this – Guess they recycle
Homeless guy that lives under the boardwalk is evacuating, as folks board up Showboat
Revel Resorts puts up their hurricane curtain
This guy is riding his bike into the wind. You can’t see it but he has an open beer in his hand.

Watch without the volume as the wind is deafening.

 House of Blues
God speed Atlantic City