Photos: Henri David Halloween Ball 2012

PS Please don’t take your photo off for 24hrs. Thanks

The Henri David Ball kicked off it’s 44th year last night. It started as a small gathering at Henri’s house and great into a gigantic community Halloween party, and a must attend on anyone’s bucket list as much as the Castro Halloween Party, Greenwich Village Halloween Parade or Key West’s Fantasy Fest. Although the crowds were down a bit because of Hurricane Sandy, the spirit wasn’t dampened as droves of people made it to the annual fest held at the Sheraton City Center at 17th and Vine Streets.

 My Mike Toub (it was our 15th year at Henri David. In 2004 + 2005 I went to the Castro as I lived in San Francisco on a work assignment then, and in 2006 I went to NYC as I lived there.) Mike always dresses political; (except the one year we were OJ and police car. He was an OJ container I was a police car created from a box. We both wore roller blades and skated around the PA Convention Center, where Henri David was held that year.) This year mike was a binder of Romney flip flops with the master of ceremonies Henri David

Romney web of lies with Mike’s binder of flip flops
 Florence Nedell, Phyllis Mass and Renee Reichart run the VIP Table

Paul Struck, Henri David’s partner of 15 years. They met a this party too.
 Sunny Carroll

 Hurricane Sandy is still hanging around

This guy comes every year and always has a clever costume. It’s a voting maching, the left sign says if you are a gay, black, Hispanic, liberal or a vegetarian you need ID to vote. The right sign says, if you are a Republican you do not need ID. Then the machined tallied the nights voting. Seems nearly 300 Democrats had ID on them somewhere. 128 Republicans didn’t need any ID to vote. I was surprised as a veteran he entered the wrong category – Most Hysterical. He should have entered

 The pre show entertainment

Ladies man and super columnist, the revered Stu Bykofsky –
 VIP Security – Dick Mass and Andrew Brathwaite
 Tina Montgomery opens the show with a little Patti LaBelle
 Most Original Couples take the stage to be Judge
 Not everyone enters the contests,

 even though their costumes are spectacular
 Katy Perry and Kevin Bacon
 Lance Armstrong, notice the IV in his arm
 Four more years
 Diana Ross and Vin Diesel
 Most Believable and Most Spectacular Female Impersonator contestants
 These are all men

 These guys entered themselves in the wrong category, Henri used to pull folks out of line and tells them to wait for Most Unbelievably Spectacular. They would have won. Henri even said from the stage there were some people who chose the wrong category. I guess he had to stop pulling them out for some reason.  They entered – Best Period Piece, I think

Up for the Most Unbelievably Spectacular contest. I thought he was really great.
Most Unbelievably Spectacular – he did Eagle good

 The winners – first is the Most Believable and Most Spectacular Female Impersonator on right

Most Horrifying

 Most Original Couple
 Most Decadent
Best Period Piece
 Most Hysterical

 Best Celebrity Look A Like – She made the whole dress herself. The judges love that. SO make sure if you enter next year, and you’ve made your costume yourself, tell the judges.


The guy on the right won the nights over all prize.
The winner of Most Unbelievably Spectacular unfortunately something went wrong with the numbers and someone else also had #194
The Eagle (r), who had to be Kanye West restrained and removed from the stage. 
This is how the contests go, and what you can expect in 2013 when you go. This is the Most Hysterical Category.