Walt and Margie Wilkins: Happily Ever After

Many of you may know my sister Judy Wilkins passed away from Ovarian Cancer 12/3/09.  What you might not know, one of the last selfless acts my sister did, was to encourage Walt to find love again. She suggested maybe he ask out their friend Margie, who had been divorced for many years.

Margie’s son Steven, and my niece Lauren were in band together. My sister and Steven’s mom were very active band parents, going to all the football games and band competitions. So as parents they got to know each other at these events. That’s Colleen Wilkins on the left.

In the years since Judy died, Walt and Margie became good friends, began dating and now are husband and wife. Judy was right, they were a perfect pair.

My cousin Debbie and I

Mom and Walt dance

Yum cake baked by the Carriage House in Galloway NJ where the wedding was held. Looks good, I didn’t have any. I don’t think the cavemen ate it. Anyone on the Paleo Diet?

Niece Kelsey, her dad Frank (married to Margaret), sister Tracy (married to Joe), niece Ella, (how many people remember the story of Ella and how at age 10 days had a tumor & kidney removed at CHOP. She’s great now.) brother Ray and my mom. (missing Janine, Margaret, Crista)

Judy came to me in a dream a few days before the wedding. She was wearing teal, she was happy and was baking a cake in the kitchen, telling me everything was great. She looked fabulous too. (In my dream I didn’t realize she had died.) She and Walt had a storybook marriage full of love and laughter. Although their story was interrupted , his story of love and happiness can go on. Margie didn’t have that happily ever after in her first marriage, and now she does. Congratulations!!  PS which reminds me if you are going to the 3rd Annual Gilda’s Club Benefit in honor of Judy Wilkins on 11/20. Could you RSVP “corie moskow” so she can get an accurate count.