MILEY CYRUS RETURNS TO PHILLY or do you think she’d let Liam Hemsworth out of sight for 3 weeks?

The feature film, “Paranoia” returns from its hiatus and begins filming Thursday November 29, 2012 continuing until December 20, 2012.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving the NBC drama Do No Harm was filming at 11th and Sansom. Friends of the production told me that in December there will be a lot of weekend filming of Paranoia as the two productions are sharing employees. I can’t wait. The studio where Miley is doing her CD tells me she is coming back to finish up the track she was working on. Then the CD will be complete. Can’t wait. Stay tuned to PhillyChitChat and follow me on twitter @iphillychitchat for the latest updates.

PhillyWood is a live and kicking. So you want to be in the movies.

People are always writing me on how they can be an extra in a movie. Well here in Philly we have a great casting company called Heery Casting.


We are looking for both union and non-union background talent who have NOT worked on this project previously.
All ethnicities, men and women, age 25-40.

We are also looking
for some very featured background for a nightclub scene- looking for
EXPERIENCED, TRAINED DANCERS, male and female, age 20-35.

Union waivers are possible for these positions.

To submit, please email to: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not write them about meeting the cast or meeting Miley Cyrus. They will not answer you, and there is no need to bother them or crash their system.

Email to:

1. Send a current photo in BUSINESS ATTIRE- taken within the last 3
months. No Headshots, please. Photo must be in .jpg format. The photo
should have ONLY YOU in the picture.
2. Include in the BODY of the email:
-phone number (if your phone number is not a local Philly number, but you are in the Philly area, be sure to mention that.)
– Union status
-union ID# (if applicable)
-height, weight
– all clothing sizes
– year, make, model and color of car

3. If you are a DANCER, please explain your expertise level, what style of dance, and experience. Include a FULL BODY shot.

No phone calls please. PS Please check out my PhillyMag column on the Philly Debutante Ball here