Honestly Those Gay Guys Know Their Fashion & Other Things I Noticed at The DVLF Party at Reading Terminal Sat Night

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 Holy holiday muscle. I don’t think they waited til Jan 1 to start their diets
Does he even have top buttons on that shirt on the right? (Evan Urbania, ChatterBlast [center])  PS Later today I’m going to have a column on Philly on Brent Celek’s Charity Football Dinner. People have to stop inviting & hiring me so much cause I have to much content. So check here at about 11AM. Click on “Read More” on the page and you’ll see all the photos. (PSS I have a photo job at 8AM so I won’t be able to remind you. Thanks HughE PSSS Yes if you pay me that’s a good reason to get out of bed and photograph something.)