Doctors Express South Philly Opens – No More Long Emergency Room Waits

Doctors Express Grand Opening: Doctors Express South Philly, the first walk-in medical care
center to come to the City of Philadelphia, held an open house on
Saturday, December 1.  It’s a new alternative to the emergency room.

Vince Papale was on hand to greet guests and posed with the medical centers staff

 “Doctors Express provides a high level of urgent care
at affordable rates,” said Mike Lobas of Downingtown who was charged
$1,500 to have his son Mike checked out at an emergency room after he
broke his finger playing football. “Had we gone to a local care center, Mike could have had his finger x-rayed and fully treated onsite for $165.”
Owners of Doctors Express Jim Raporte, Jeff Evons, Mabel Evons with Donald Tippett– Office Manager for Councilman David Oh. Doctors Express provides patients with urgent care and is staffed with doctors and a medical support team. Patients with acute illness ie flu, colds, aches and pains, trauma, and
sports injuries are treated right away with on-site laboratory equipment
and digital x-ray service. 

 Kristen Johansen, CBS3, Lauren Nickles and Megan Parkhill stopped by the VIP Party last week to get a first look on the new concept located in South Philly across from the famed Melrose Diner.

DiBruno’s catered the party
 Mike Young and Mabel Evons. 

Mabel tells me it’s a great alternative to the long wait in an
emergency room, they can usually take you right away. She also tells me
if it’s something they can’t do or is life threatening they send you
right to the hospital. For example if you’re having a heart attack go
directly to the emergency room, if you suspect a broken leg, arm or you
have the flu Doctors Express is for you.

Brigid Kaye and Jennifer Sherlock

Here’s the digital xray machine. Doctors Express is a formal bank, and this room used to be the vault.

There’s parking on site, the cost is competitive, Doctors Express accepts most insurance companies. They provide you with your medical records either electronically or they hand you a disc of them when you are ready to leave. No more writing to the hospital or doctors for copy of your medical transcripts. You’ll know exactly what went on during your visit.

Brigid Kaye, Chris Murray, Denise Clay and Dr Anthony Campbell, who is working at Doctor’s Express

You can call ahead and see how long the wait is. They’ll be able to give you a time for you to come in.  Check out Doctors Express’ website to learn more, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to receive helpful health tips.