Chuck Peruto’s Legendary Holiday/Christmas Party

Every year around the holidays I would hear about some of the must attend, or more like must get invited to holiday parties. One of them on the PhillyChitChat list has always been high-powered attorney Chuck Peruto’s holiday party. A party where the who who’s of the political world would hob knob with socialites of Philadelphia as well as Center City scenesters.

Last year I was invited but couldn’t find a parking spot for blocks and blocks, gave up and went home. This year I made other arrangements, but was a little late as I had another party that was on the must cover list in NJ, the Morton & Rudolph Jewlery Store Party. (Which I will cover Wednesday)
I was really happy to attend the party, as Chuck was one of the first people I met when I first started shooting the Philly social scene, and he’s a super guy. I hadn’t seen him much as he’s working hard, and also fell in love with a Florida gal, Genna Squadroni and spent a lot of time courting her. These days the two spend most of their time in Philly in the home Chuck recently renovated in the Rittenhouse Square area, and it’s gorgeous.

 I ran into a lot of friends there, Lisa Gaudio and her husband Jimmy Kazanjian with Carol Tamburino. I have to thank Lisa and her dad Bob Gaudio (The founding member of the Four Season’s) for recently donating two tickets to the Jersey Boys on Broadway to the Gilda’s Charity event I had in my sister’s name. I haven’t had a moment to write that event up, (or the PHL PVCB event) as I have been posting lots of client events, and well timely events like this party. (THANK YOU ALSO TO WHO DONATED A $1,000 DIAMOND NECKLACE TO THE EVENT)  Thank You so much, we raised nearly $4,000 (tixs to attend were only $25) that will help uninsured and under insured women with their medical costs, therapy groups & most importantly how to put on make up after chemo treatments etc. If you wanna donate in honor of my sister, JUDY WILKINS (put that in the Tribute section) as I know some of you have been asking, here’s the link. Thanks. 

 In addition to the mover and shakers of the City (well the ones that weren’t at the PA Society weekend in NYC) it was really nice to meet Chuck’s family including his daughter in law Puja Peruto and son Chaz Peruto. That glow you see, expectant parents. Congratulations!! Also Puja’s mom was there and it was so nice to meet her too. She’s excited to be a grandmother.

Jennifer Grossman, Victoria Schwartz, Char Cesario, Shawn DiCarlo and Ellen Whitaker

 Newlyweds and soon newly parents: Craig Spitzer and Erin Elmore Spitzer. Now that is a gorgeous maternity dress. I failed to ask her which designer.
 Timmy Filler and Stephanie Rybczyk
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Neumann-Goretti High School pals: Gabby Giovanetti and Monique Perri. Monique ‘s favorite quote “A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love; listens but doesn’t believe; and leaves before she is left.”
— Marilyn Monroe
 Alisa Frederico and Cindy Caccuro

 Danielle Hershman and Jay Hershman. Or as Danielle and I were saying, the freshman class of PhillyChitChat grows up and gets married. Since PCC is 5 years old this year, I’ve seen the lovely ladies that I covered over the years, date, break up, find their soul mates, marry and now some are having children.

 Like Jill Rizen, soon to be Jill Rizen-Hennig in 20 days, with Tempa Berish and Michelle Ranieri

 Then it was up to the roof where the action was hot, not only because of the 3 heat lamps keeping us toasting on the damp rainy night, but most of the people were up there mingling.

 It was kinda dark though and hard to see my note pad to write, so most of the times I just snapped away

 Haley Beisel and Ron Hansen. Check out his racing chairs on pinterest HERE
You can follow me there too, but I’m not 100% sure what I’m supposed to do there. i did start doing instagram u can follow me at PhillyChiChat ya know

John Bolaris, Erica Smitheman and Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky. 
We had such an enjoyable time together shortly after this shot we headed to Rouge, which was packed to the rafters, and ended up at Devon for hours of laughs. 
Melinda Howell and Cheryl Dunagan
Party on Nadia It’s Your Birthday – Happy Birthday dear Nadia Maransky.
Genna Squadron, Liz Avallone and Brandon Perloff
Kim Frick (r) and Friends

 Jenn Bernstein, CBS 3 and The CW Philly, Daniel L. Cevallos, Esq. He’s everywhere lately, TrueTV, The CW and guest-hosting In Session at the CNN building, Kristen Johanson, CBS3

 guest I accidentally cut off, Lori Heimbach, Aly Loveland, Nikki Klein, Ronnie Buzzetta, and Char Baylor (These names maybe a little skewed & mixed up as drama was happening nearby which was distracting.)

 Happily Newlyweds: Steve and Allie Schaeffer – (Now if only I could get an invite to John Dougherty’s legendary holiday party?)

Happy official engagement to John Bolaris and Erica Smitheman (twitter @EricaSmitheman) I don’t know any couple who have weathered the storms they have and still manage to be super dooper happy. As is good ole’ John fashion he popped the question to Erica in a non-traditional way, about a mile up in the air on a plane headed to sunny California. He had the pilot make an announcement for the duo to head up front, maybe a first class seat had opened up as they were on the waiting list for the last minute booked flight. As John reached the front of the plane, the stewardess gave him the microphone, he got down on one knee and asked the crying Erica to be his wife. The plane erupted in applause and shared in a toast for the happy couple. Congratulations!!!

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