Liam Hemsworth on the set of Paranoia today after the news of Lila’s death Opps or was it the Fight in Philly that got him looking so sad

Earlier today I tweeted

He seemed so sad and I thought it was because of the separation from his fiance Miley Cyrus as it’s been nearly 2 weeks since they’ve seen each other.

 I’m sure it’s that as well as the

sad news of their dog Lila passing away.

 Breaks your heart.

Thoughts are with them today. If you’d like to support animals in the Philadelphia area think about a donation to PAWS  Thanks to one of my readers who sent me the below photos today of Liam
Hemsworth walking back to his trailer on the set of Paranoia. They’re not anywhere on twitter as she sent them directly to me & she’s not on twitter, so if you lift them could you link back to me. Thanks

 TMZ reports that Liam had a street fight after leaving the Continental the other night. TMZ Maybe that’s why he was looking so glum on Monday, no Miley, No Lila and now a drunken street fight. PhillyMag has a photo of Liam Hemsworth at the Continental right before the fight on Saturday night.