‘Zarwin Baum Hosts Screening of Devin Hampton’s Get LADE TV’

On Monday, December 3, Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy, P.C.
hosted a private screening for director Devin Hampton’s latest venture,
Get L.A.D.E. TV. An acronym for ‘Laughing at Devin’s Entertainment’, Get
L.A.D.E. TV is comprised of sketch comedy featuring the talents of
actors Essence Atkins, Reginald ‘Bra Man’ Ballard, Miguel Nunez, and
Verne ‘Mini Me’ Troyer, and many more. Guests to the screening included
comedians Lunell and Buck Wild, DJ Aktive who provided music for the
evening, and producer/songwriter and Philly music afficionado Yameen
Allworld, who serves as Creative Consultant for Get L.A.D.E. TV.,
Charlie Mac, and Young Chris.

Buck Wild is introduced by Mitchell Kaplan, of Zarwin Baum
Devin Hampton introduces the film.

comedian  Luenell who was in Borat, 2011 Laugh Out Loud Comedy Festival

Young Chris, (with sunglasses on) and Charlie Mac (standing w/knit cap)

Angela Val, GPTMC, Kyleen Shaw and Garron Gibbs
Still shorn Shariff Street stopped by

Reggie Berry, 400PTM, Curran J. Swint – stylist, event planner,
consultant and quintessential gentleman, Stacey Kracher, Marketing
Director at Zarwin Baum and Jacky Wright, 400PTM. They’d love to see you
at “The Big Pay Back” at Sole Food on 12/18 5PM Toys for Tots event.

 Buck Wild, Chanel Jackson, Nikia and Jamal Ferguson

 Yameen Allworld (who often works with Questlove) and DJ Aktive,
Turntablist, Battle Dj, Music Director, Official Tour DJ for Kanye West
both entertained the guests throughout the night

 Kharisma McIlwaine, The CW and Scotty Lauman, Photographer

 Sarah Janiszewski, Philadelphia Daily News Fashion Photographer Big Rube Harley and Laiya Stclair

 Simon “One Punch” Carr wearing one of his designs from his “Punchline” clothing line.

 Kristyn Aldrich,  Focused Studios – Video Production (It’s her video team that creates the Maria Papadakis’ video’s on  and Megan Smith, Brownstone PR. You have to check out Brownstone PR’s new website, very fancy, very nice.

James Rivers, and Tiffany E Green, Actress/Designer. Tiffany designed
the top she has on. She said business always booms when she goes out
wearing her designs as people see how it would look on a person.

 Amber Goins, Tony Griffith and Aida Starta. The girls are looking forward to their warm trip to Miami in a couple weeks.

 Patricia Holden, Zarwin Baum and Norman Zarwin, Founder of Zarwin Baum
Angela Edmunds and Lavida Revere