Freedom Taxi Holiday Party & Links to Varga Bar Calander Girl Event

Sorry I’m tardy about a few entries, I’ve been booked solid night and day. Will catch up this weekend. Also Check back later today for my Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, Paranoia wrap up, or check out Good Day Philly online for the video as I was on at 755AM (oh so tired now.)  Also check out here, for the 2013 Varga Girl Pin Up Calendar event. Should be live about 10AM


 Freedom Taxi Held their Holiday Party at the Iatse
Ballroom in South Philadelphia

 Brett and Michele Brand of Brands Imaging


Lovely ladies, models Chelsea Marie,
Kristen Gargon
and  Jennifer DeCillis.
Jennifer is the current first runner up for Miss New Jersey.
 Joe DeCandido of Advent, Everett Abitol of Freedom
Taxi, Valerie Abitol, And Joe Brooks
 Dominic Caglioti, Kristen Gargon, and Jeff Taroski
 Jeff Getzel, Ward Larkin as Ben Franklin, and Gene
of Freedom Taxi
 Brian Gilberty, Megan Gilberty, and Jeff Gilman
 In June Freedom Taxi puts its 65th green vehicle into service!!!

 Michaela Cicero, Scott Shuster, Everett Abitol,
Jennifer DeCillis, Ben Franklin,
and Kendra Davis.


Billy Goodman, Sylvester
Foxworth, Belden Jones, and Tom Earle
. Freedom Taxi was the first Cab Company in
Philadelphia to accommodate wheelchairs.


Briana Spadaro, Laura
, and Kendra Davis.  Laura is
the current first runner up for Miss Pennsylvania.

 Lea Manalo, Alisette Rodriguez, Jennifer DeCillis,
Kendra Davis, Chelsea Mari,
and super photographer Alison Dunlap. You have
probably seen Alison’s work on the Freedom Taxi billboard or in the Preston and
Steve Calendar.


Freedom Taxi Cab Driver Billy
flanked by Models Chelsea Marie and 
Jennifer DeCillis. Billy was the first driver ever to get certified to
drive a Wheelchair cab in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia’s first GREEN and Wheelchair Accessible Fleet of Taxicabs! We make TAXI’s cool