Oooh the Very Ugly Christmas Sweater Party & Women have the Ugliest Sweaters

Nearly 100 people sported their ugliest holiday sweaters for the 2nd Annual Cancer is Ugly event at Yards Brewery last night!

Proceeds will be donated to The
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Eastern Pennsylvania.
  The evening included an open bar,
cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, music, and raffle prizes including Baskets of
Holiday Cheer.

Celebrity guest judges included Jay McCarroll (L), the fashion designer known
for winning season one of Project Runway as well as season seven of
Celebrity Fit Club and looking far from ugly in that gorgeous ensemble, equally as stylish Cara Kahn, (MTV Real World Chicago, and real life mommy of one and loving it. HughE Dillon (me), founder and editor of
PhillyChitChat, Weekly contributor to,, Liberty City Press and Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia, and Esther Lee from, Gregory Seitter, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Marketing Manager (and doing a darn good job), Marcello Luzi (I’ll have what he’s having, he looks fabulous!) and Ellen Himic. Ellen tells me she’s taking her dog, Stella, to KOP Mall on Saturday for her portrait with Santa. Interesting they use the same Santa and run two lines, one for kids and one for dogs.

 Taralyn Slusorski (Who always wears her vest on Christmas) and Rachel Vitogliano. I liked Rachel’s combo sweater and sparkly shirt. I picked her as one of my finalist in the contest.

Ryan Williams, Ted Meyer and Paul Corey. Ted’s sweater was a gift from his aunt 10 years ago; it’s only the 3rd time he’s worn it. I liked it. Paul bought his sweater for a Halloween costume and well it works on this night too.

 Matt Parisi, Lisa Maguire and Jessica Franciosi. Lisa tells me she went into her mom’s closet and thought this was fairly ugly. (I hope her mom doesn’t read Philly Chit Chat)

 John Ciantenio, Phil Cooper, Helen Chung and Mark Poddock. Personally I love Mark’s Santa number. Seems it’s his aunt’s favorite holiday outfit and sent Mark to get it dry cleaned. Mark thought he would wear it to a few parties before he returned it.

Mike Bertha,  I’m The Buzz guy at , (Mike bought his ugly sweater in the ladies section of a clothing store. After surveying the room I would say that a majority of the sweaters worn at the event came from the women’s clothing section.) Michael Cerio, Executive Producer at CBS Radio and Esther Lee, Style & Entertainment Producer,

 Newly engaged Ian Dillon (no relation to me), and Ashley Humphrey. They duo met in their native Rochester, NY back in high school and are planning a 6/14/14 wedding. No need to rush they’ve known each other a lifetime.
Derek Fitzgerald, Jill Halverson, and Jessica Vandenheuvel. I wish you could really see Jill’s sweater, it’s vintage 1980’s with the highest shoulder pads she could be on the offensive line for the Eagles.
Opps wrong holiday

Catherine Sontag and her Frisky reindeer friends. I like that gal licking the other gals antlers.

 Brian Devaney, who’s wearing a festive dinosaur eating reindeer sweater (You can see him & the sweater in all it’s glory on Saturday night at McGillin’s where Brian bar-tends), with Julia Scherer who tells me her moms a teacher and those teachers love sweaters, Megan Askins and Emily Fernadez

Ohhh ugly, The finalist in the ugly sweater contest. 
And the winner is 

Andy, who’s girlfriend knows bad taste and bought him this ugly sweater for the party.