Chris Evans, Minka Kelly & Moi at Les Misérables Opening Night at The Academy of Music Last Night

Philly’s granddaughter Anne Hathaway singing I Dreamed a Dream

 Last night I caught Les Misérables at the Academy. It was the first time I saw it. I love musicals and plays, but for some reason I just never saw the play that everyone in the world has seen nearly as many times as Phantom of the Opera, which I have seen about 4 times. (For the record I’ve seen Wicked 5 times, Rent about 7 times)

I got a tip that Captain America Chris Evans was at Opening Night last night with his girlfriend Minka Kelly. it must have been super low key, cause hardly a peep is on twitter. Thanks to a tipster who sent me the pix above.  I’m guessing that the duo was there to see a friend in the play in Philadelphia, as they already saw the movie a month ago according to Chris’ tweet “Les Miserables starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway” And you know what was amazing, the movie is out. It’s #3 at the Box Office and the place was SOLD OUT. It’s a fan favorite. There are still a few tickets left, and you’ll recognize the songs. Mike came home and played, on Youtube, “I Dreamed a Dream” by every conceivable artist. Now I’m humming it.

Carly Aquino got this shot of Chris Evans and tweeted, I think he was with his girlfriend. The play was great, very epic and more than just about someone stealing bread. I was surprised at how quickly the nearly 3 hour musical zipped by. The cast was phenomenal, and the audience gave them 3 standing ovations. I hadn’t been to the Academy in awhile, and couldn’t remember how the seats were. They were nice, and much roomier on the ends, for us hefty people who didn’t start our New Year’s Resolutions yet. Check out Les Miz at the Academy of Music which runs through January 13th.