Cashman Holiday Party Plus The Little Black Dress has Gone Lace

I know broken record, still posting pixs from December. I was at the Jingle Ball when Cashman & Associates threw their very fun holiday party, but Andre
Flewellen Photography
was thereto capture every click of those Louboutins clicking on the Tendenza floor over in Northern Liberties.

The Cashman Girls:

Cashman & Associates Jill
Asher, Lauren Werkiser, Jacklin Rhoads, Nicole Cashman, Laura Krebs, Samantha
Hodge, Kaitlyn McCrea
and Kristin Huxta

 Bill Vargus (right) and Sue Serio of FOX 29 (Now as you scroll the pixs note how the little black dress is sporting a lot of sexy lace this year.)


Shawn & Michele Waters;
Michelle Shannon, Vice President of Communications for the Center City
District, with husband, Bruce Shannon

 Philadelphia Magazine’s Emily
Leaman, Melissa Bizzak, Alana Tosti,
(Congrats to Alana who’s gonna be a mommy) Emily Goulet and Matt Blank
Deputy City Representative Margaret Hughes and Scott

 On-air personalities Nicole Brewer
and Erika Von Tiehl of CBS 3
 Julia Summers-Morley; Nigel Richards, 611
Lifestyle; and Lauren O’Leary

 Shola Olunloyo, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, Carol
Tamburino, Sabrina Tamburino-Throne, Kristen Foote
and Tempa Berish

 Craig Spitzer and Erin Elmore-Spitzer

Lauren Colabelli; Sabrina
Tamburino-Thorne; Nicole Cashman, President and CEO Cashman & Associates; John
Colabelli, Publisher of Philadelphia
Style Magazine
; Carol Tamburino; and Alisa Martino  (The following are Photo Credit: Jaclyn McKeown

 Dawn Stensland-Mendte (looking better than ever, hope she’s over the flu) and Donna Benner 
 On-air reporters Jennifer Joyce and Ali
of 6 ABC
 DO AC swag bags were awesome 🙂

 Mia Colona and Sandra Crus
 Michelle Ranieri and Jen Groover
 Sean Flanigan, Hotel Monaco Philadelphia; Brian
Kimpton Hotels; Nicole Cashman, President and CEO Cashman &
Associates; Bob Dmuchowski, Hotel Monaco Philadelphia; and Travis Breen, Hotel


Brett Coppol Philly Metro Newspaper Kristin Detterline,
Editor-In-Chief, Philadelphia Style Magazine; and Randyl Case

Nicole Rossi; Kristen Johanson, of CBS 3; Lisa
, Comcast SportsNet; WMMR’s Marisa Magnatta; and Rachel Appel-Vazquez, Comcast SportsNet. Marisa will be hosting the 19th Annual Hair of the Dog on 1/19/13 at Loews Hotel.