PhillyChitChatter: Tidbits and Pixs of People, Places and Things

Oh still getting kicked by this cold. If follow me on Twitter or FB you know I am sad about Dan Gross’ leaving the Philly Daily News. Everyone is emailing me asking if I am going to replace him, he’s irreplaceable. I’m going to revive my PhillyChitChatter column for those tidbits that don’t fit into my columns. Know that most of the gossipy stuff I report is tucked in my columns at PhillyMag, and, when I appear on Fox 29 and of course my twitter. I’ll be upcoming events and celebrity sightings here, as well as people on the move and new family members, like

I had lunch with Alison Frick and Dave Warren a few weeks back at Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse across from the Rittenhouse Square (I had the burger, it was delicious). They brought along their new twins Evan & Lila born on Christmas Eve. Catch Dave on NBC10Philadelphia, but for how long now that the new weather girl has come to town. I told Dave he needs to start a daddy blog, twins, hot daddy, I can imagine how funny that would be. So adorable.
And then I found this photo on their FB page.

 In the past few weeks I took photos of Rittenhouse Square before they took the lights down. On the right I caught a couple kissing. I love those spontaneous, uninterrupted shots.

So nice my friend Patty Jackson put a photo of us on her 411 Page. I miss her on NBC10’s The Ten Show. She needs to be on the air.

You always hear about those terrible descriptions put on a receipt for take out. Well here’s I love this one “Cute Couple” for Donna Coghlan Pasquale and Charlie Pasquale, when they went to the Great American Pub recently.

Congratulations Linda PhamVertlieb (Frugal Philly Mom) and Nicholas Ryan on the birth of their son, I know older Sophia is thrilled to be a big sister.

 I was visiting one of my friends new pad on Rittenhouse Square. Guess where I’ll be for the first real snow, lightning storm and well just to hang. She said I could work at home at her home. Sounds good.

 Yesterday in my PhillyMag column I wrote that the Roosevelt Pub is changing their name to the “R Bar”. They promise to still serve the same delicious burgers, and brewskies. I look forward to checking it out.

 Tim Adams is hysterical. Hey I have a note on my FB page that I may take your photos off, if you don’t like any of these photos on my site, drop me a line. I will only be publishing these nice shots. 

 Love this shot of Carol Tamburino and myself. Wish I took it with a real camera.

The Philadelphia History Museum andHistory Making Productions invite you to join us for the television Premiere of Philadelphia: The Great Experiment, Episode 3, Promise for a Better City, Thursday January 24, at 7:30p.m. on 6ABC.
Co-written by Janet Benton with senior writer Nathaniel Popkin for History Making
Productions, Sam Katz’s documentary company, which aims to create a full
complement of documentaries on Philadelphia history, with the series title *The
Great Experiment. *This third episode covers the post-World War II period,
covering American Bandstand, labor disputes, the growth of highways and the
suburbs, civil rights actions, and more, and closing with the memorable
Phillies’ loss and the Columbia Avenue riots. Here’s a link that brings you
to the trailer from the TV station :


 Meal of the week: I had a delicious Beet Salad at R2L. It was delicious, and it’s winter. You usually don’t find beet salad on the menu. I love beet salad so I will try it anywhere, anytime.

I love Instagram. If you have it, follow me at PhillyChitChat. I took this fun shot from a moving bus. Perfect formation. It’s slow this week in the social calendar, and of course I have a cold too so I don’t want to frighten anyone. Plus I did write 3 columns for PhillyMag, and one for and it’s only Wednesday, so I haven’t completely slacked off. Check out my PhillyMag column and the Auto Show Gala.