Philadelphia Style Bloggers Are Making Philadelphia Beautiful Once Again

First there were the Mommy Bloggers, then the Foodie Bloggers, well move over kids cause the Fashion Bloggers are moving in. Over the past year I noticed this new trend of Philly fashion bloggers, and they are an organized group, collaborating on ideas, highlighting style and creating events to make Philadelphia a much more beautiful place to live. 
One of the standout organizations tying many of the fashion bloggers together is  Philadelphia Style Bloggers – “a collective group of Bloggers in the Philadelphia Tri State
actively working to increase both bloggers presence and influence in
Over the weekend I attended the Philly Style Blogger’s SipShopSwap event
at The Wardrobe Boutique (Career Wardrobe, you know how I love what they do.)
Swapping was held in the foyer on the first floor before each session so that folks could get an idea of what additional clothing they might need. Tweety Elitou Young Hip and Chic 
and her mom check out what’s good at the swap.
Georgette Niles (Grown & Curvy Woman), Karima Renee (Skinny Minority) Jessica Holeva (Trend Hungry Blog), and Mecca Nuri (Styled Out Loud Blog)      
The ladies each talked about tips on thrifting,

Mecca Nuri (Styled Out Loud Blog) chats about the importance of feeling comfortable in clothes, picking out what’s right for you and not what others think you should wear. Jessica Holeva (Trend Hungry Blog), who always has great tips on accessories, which you can find on her blog. 

OMG I have to tell you, and some of youse knows this happens to me sometimes. Where the heck did my pad go on Saturday. After this event I ran over to the Will Smith/Sister SoulJah event and while Will’s assistant was writing down her name the red carpet got hot and I forgot to get my pad back. So all I can say was these cute chica’s were there and they got some great bargains. Thrift store shopping is fun for any budget, but if your a student or on a tight budget it’s that much more fun.

There were a few guys there, supporting the ladies including Marvin Hickman, of Side 7 Productions (r)

Definitely a joy to chat with Georgette Niles (Grown & Curvy Woman) Her blog is about fashion at any age, any size and any style. She had a great tip that I’ve never considered which was find a good tailor and customize your clothing to fit. The only time I use my tailor at the dry cleaners is to sew on a button, yes it’s true I don’t know how to do that, or hem my pants. I never would have thought to have shirts pants taken in.  Plus her site covers the curvy women. Finally a fun place for women of all sizes to get some style advice. Did you know that the Career Wardrobe offers free tailoring to anything you buy at their store. Now that’s a bargain.

Syreeta Martin gets her fashion on. Check out her blog at Sincerely Syreeta Seems she has a fun event coming up:
Show-up & have a damn good time enjoying drinks, food, music,
expert relationship advice and if you’re up to it…one hell of a speed
dating experience. – SS

 So sorry to the ladies I didn’t include in this entry, I looked all over my office for the notebook and couldn’t locate it. Anyway the above shot is of Little Kim going into the Marc Jacobs AP during fashion week Fall 2011. You can’t tell from this photo I took but it was about 20F out. As for Kim she knows a thing about suffering for fashion, don’t wear a coat in the winter if you think there’s gonna be paparazzi at the event. This is one of my favorite fashion shots of a celebrity I’ve taken. She’s got it, all the way down to her silk covered wrist cast.